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What are the best inverter brands in Australia?

Searching for the best inverters in Australia, you must have come across some top favorites in the country like Huawei, Sungrow, and Fronius inverters. They are highly recommended by installers for their reliability and efficiency.  The inverter must be the strongest component of your solar system as it is responsible for converting the DC electricity received from the solar panels to AC electricity. Let us consider the merits and demerits of these inverter brands to help you choose well.

 Sungrow Inverters

The Chinese solar inverter manufacturing company Sungrow is known for supplying excellent premium inverters in more than 150 countries around the world. It has been in the solar power business for two and a half decades and has an international presence.

Sungrow inverters – Merits

1) Flexibility – Sungrow string inverters offer 2MPPTs

2) Corrosion-resistant – Sungrow inverters are rust-resistant and thus suitable for installation near the sea.

3) Efficiency – Sungrow inverters offer a maximum efficiency of 99% and have a very low nocturnal power consumption of fewer than two watts.

Sungrow inverters – Demerit

Sungrow inverters are premium inverters and have excellent feedback in Australia. Sungrow inverter reviews from users and installers cite that they are exceptionally good quality and reliable inverters. Yet they face stigma due to their Chinese manufacturing.

 Fronius Inverters

Fronius is manufacturing top-notch solar inverters for more than thirty years and is one of the leading inverter producers in the world solar market. Fronius inverters began supplying in Australia in 1995 and have been highly popular in Australia ever since.

Fronius inverters – Merits

1) Flexibility – Fronius inverters allow more MPPTs and strings per MPPT compared to other solar inverters of the same capacity.

2) Reliability – Fronius inverters are known to rarely have any issues.

3) Quality – The superlative quality Austrian engineering and stringent quality controls of Fronius develop premium solar inverters.

Fronius inverters – Demerits

1) Noise – Active cooling mechanism makes Fronius inverters noisy

2) Price – High-quality European design and manufacturing command a higher price.

 Huawei Inverters

Huawei is not a very old company however, it has rapidly grown to become the largest solar inverter supplier in the world. It has the highest solar inverter market share.

Huawei inverters – Pros

1) Silent – Huawei inverters cool naturally (and are not fan-cooled) therefore, there is no noise due to the temperature control function

2) Flexibility – Allow power optimizers and multiple MPPTs

3) Affordability – Huawei inverters are good quality inverters in the affordable price range.

4) Battery- compatibility – Huawei inverters are battery-ready

Huawei inverters – Cons

1) Huawei inverters are not suitable for application near the sea or their warranty will be canceled.

2) Huawei inverters lack an Emergency Power Supply mode.

What to look for in a good inverter

1) Robustness

A sturdy build will protect the inverter from weather extremities that the inverter has to endure during its lifespan.

2) Monitoring

An additional monitoring accessory that helps you track your system’s output and consumption over a specific period of time is very helpful.

3) Reliability

Read online reviews to find out about the brands’ reliability.

4) Budget

The right inverter is also the inverter that fits your budget. Having said that, it does not necessarily mean that a low-cost inverter will be a great quality inverter too. Do go through the online reviews to find more information about its reliability, efficiency, quality, and service to decide well.

5) Warranty

Warranty means protection for your investment. So, the lengthier, the better. Go for an inverter with at least a 10-year warranty to safeguard your investment.

6) Efficiency

A conversion efficiency of 15 to 20 percent is considered good enough for optimal solar generation.


In this article, we have discussed some popular inverters in the Australian market, which are commonly recommended by installers and fellow citizens who have already used them. And also some key points to look for in a good inverter to help you decide well for your solar installation.

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