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Is Huawei a good brand?

Huawei is one of the most reputable leading companies in communication and information technology and one of the biggest global manufacturers of solar inverters today.

They set foot in the solar industry with large-scale utility and commercial solar inverters and stormed the home solar market in 2018 with a powerful and impressive hybrid inverter at an affordable price.

In 2020, the company launched its 2nd generation home hybrid inverter with optimizers, a variety of 3-phase hybrid inverters, and large-scale commercial inverters with state-of-the-art features.

Let us take a look at Huawei’s solar products.

Huawei’s Solar Products

 1) Single Phase String Inverters

Huawei’s single-phase SUN2000-(2KTL-6KTL)-L1 range of inverters has a smart energy controller and comes with these features:

a) Battery compatibility

b) Compatible with Huawei optimizers SUN2000-450W-P

c) Al- Boost active arcing protection

d) Smart dongle-4G communication

e) 2MPPT solar inputs

f) The 5KTL inverter provides 5kW AC power output and full battery charge.

2) Three Phase String Inverters

Huawei’s two 3-phase inverter ranges – the SUN-2000-KTL-M1 and the SUN-2000-KTL-M0 have the following features:

a) Battery compatibility

b) Compatible with Huawei optimizers SUN-2000-450W-P

c) Al-Boost Arcing protection

d) 2 MPPT solar inputs

e) The 10KTL inverter offers 10kW AC electricity output and a full battery charge.

3) Smart Energy Storage

Inverters from Huawei have a DC coupling storage battery interface which is compatible with LG batteries (LG RESU-H) and Huawei battery systems (LUNA 2000).

Huawei’s LUNA2000 battery systems are high-voltage lithium modules with a 100% depth of discharge. The modules range from 5kWh to 30kWh capacity with a power output of 2.5kW to 3.5kW per module.

These battery systems have the ability to detect short circuits and overheating. Therefore, they can prevent fire hazards and can effectively manage temperature control. They have an internal heating system for winter and come with a 10-year warranty.

4) Huawei Optimizers SUN2000-450W-P

The Huawei SUN2000-L1 inverters are compatible with these optimizers which have a power rating of 450W. Their voltage range goes from 8V to 80V.

The optimizers facilitate panel-level monitoring and early fault diagnosis.

The SUN2000-450W-P optimizers help control:

a) shading issues

b) module discrepancy

c) damages like hotspots, micro-cracks, or water leakage into cells

d) soiling from debris like dust, bird droppings, etc.

e) leakage of current and voltage.

5) Huawei Fusion Solar App

Huawei’s Fusion Solar Application helps you examine your Australia solar’s performance. It indicates the real-time flow of energy and the remainder energy readings. The app facilitates panel-level output management. It not only shows the energy produced and consumed but also the amount of energy sent to the grid, therefore helping you evaluate your Australia solar system’s savings with ease.

Huawei Inverters – Pros

1) Affordability

Huawei has gained its position among one of the best solar inverters in Australia due to aggressive pricing and advanced features. All their solar products have excellent feedback on the Australian continent.

2) Efficiency

Huawei inverters provide an efficiency of 99% which is equal to and even more than some of the best solar inverters in Australia.

3) Battery Compatibility

Inverters from Huawei are battery ready. This makes them a popular choice over other best solar inverters in Australia in 2022 as most solar owners these days aspire to add storage batteries to their system in the future.

4) Handsome Warranty

Huawei inverters come with a warranty of 5 years during which time the inverter can be replaced if damaged. This warranty can be further extended by 5 years for a cost. The extended warranty covers the replacement of the inverter or its parts for free and the customer only pays the labor charges.

Huawei Inverters – Cons

The only con of the Huawei inverters is that they should be installed 500m away from the coastline (salty area), or else their warranty will not be serviced by the company.


Huawei is an excellent global solar brand that offers some of the best solar inverters in Australia. It is often compared with the ace inverter brand Fronius on various parameters where Huawei is a clear winner. Huawei inverters’ battery compatibility, shade management (with optimizers), higher power output, and comprehensive solar performance all give them an edge over some of the best solar inverters in Australia.

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