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The Benefits of Investing in a Sungrow Inverter


If you’re looking into investing in solar energy for your home or business, Sungrow inverters are likely amongst the best on the market. With a high degree of reliability and cost-effectiveness, installing these innovative solutions can greatly benefit you when it comes to utilizing renewable power sources like solar.

Key Takeaways

  • Sungrow inverters offer reliable, cost-effective and high efficiency solutions with a maximum efficiency range of 97.7% to 98.6%.

  • The company has a 15% global market share and 340GW of installed inverter capacity in Australia, providing tailored residential & commercial solutions for various applications.

  • Sungrow offers comprehensive warranty coverage & attentive after-sales support, as well as user monitoring options to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sungrow Inverter Overview

Sungrow inverter stands out in the market of solar energy conversion, having reliability, cost-effectiveness and a noteworthy high efficiency. With an impressive maximum range between 97.7% to 98.6%, these veritable replacements for existing systems are designed to ensure reliable electrical availability when used for both commercial or residential use cases. Thus warranting significant consideration if one is looking into upgrading their power system’s inverter component with something dependable..

For those interested in obtaining efficient returns from any sort of solar installation, Sungrow remains highly recommended due its unprecedented levels of quality compared to other manufacturers’ offerings available on the market today!

Company Background

Professor Cao Renxian of Hefei University of Technology began Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. in 1997 with the purpose to better electricity supply in rural western China through renewable energy sources. This has turned into a leading presence and brand today, making it one of the largest inverter makers globally for renewables such as solar solutions including power storage systems and inverters. They have been acknowledged within both their quality products and willingness to innovate that contribute greatly to its reputation across not only China but also Australia’s Solar industry market too.

Market Presence

Sungrow holds a 15% global market share and has installed more than 340 GW of inverter capacity across the world. By making constant investments in research and development, they are known as industry leaders with top quality solutions for residential, commercial or utility-scale PV systems.

In Australia their premium products have earned them loyal customers due to excellent service standards associated with Sungrow solar power installations throughout the country.

Residential and Commercial Applications

A residential and commerical installation with Sungrow solar inverters

Sungrow offers a broad selection of solar inverters, created to meet the requirements of both residential and commercial set-ups. The SG Series is crafted for multiple types of solar panels with robust reliability alongside cost effectiveness, whereas CX Series models provide superior efficiency especially designed for larger scale projects. Whatever your specific needs may be when it comes to power generation from photovoltaics (PV), Sungrow has an appropriate solutio that will suit you best! Their range boasts convenience as well as great performance. Delivering secure results in all kinds residential and commercial applications alike, unparalleled quality at unbeatable prices are guaranteed here!

Residential Inverters

Sungrow’s SG series of residential inverters are a bankable brand known for their superior efficiency in the market, perfect for those looking to make use of solar energy. These inverters incorporate innovative smart PID recovery technology and passive cooling that help maintain maximum power production from your panels while keeping electricity bills down. The result is consistently reliable performance enabling households to capitalize on savings through solar generated energy sources.

Commercial Inverters

The Sungrow CX series of commercial solar inverters offers the perfect solution for utility-scale applications. These powerful, reliable and efficient power conversion solutions are well equipped with a range of standard features including active cooling systems. Integrated IV curve scan, over 150% PV sizing capabilities as well PID recovery functions on their new SG110CX model featuring multiple MPPTs. Different models in Australia satisfy any need that an industry or large scale business could have when considering solar energy options for themselves.

Hybrid Inverters: Combining Solar and Energy Storage

A hybrid inverter from Sungrow with solar panels and energy storage

Sungrow’s hybrid solar inverters offer a combination of energy storage and power generation capabilities, increasing efficiency and allowing for backup in the case of outages. String inverter features are augmented by charge controllers that can handle battery systems, giving users access to both benefits. By investing in one of Sungrow’s offerings such as their SH-RT or SH5K-30 series units, you get superior performance from your photovoltaic system plus the ability to stockpile surplus electricity when needed or during an emergency situation.

SH5K-30 Hybrid Inverter

Sungrow’s SH5K-30 is their top-of-the line, third generation residential hybrid inverter. A 5kW string inverter paired with a 3 kW integrated EPS for power outages creates an efficient and reliable solution that promises smooth switchovers in just 20ms. To give customers added assurance of quality performance, this system comes accompanied by a 10 year warranty, so you can be confident investing in the right hybrid technology!

SH-RS Single-Phase and SH-RT Three-Phase Hybrid Inverters

Sungrow’s SH-RS single phase and SH-RT three phase hybrid inverters are an optimal choice for those seeking to achieve the highest efficiency of their solar energy system. They are made with capabilities like high voltage battery compatibility, multiple MPPTs, allowing oversizing up to 150%. This ensures that your power needs will be efficiently met by maximizing production through these advanced technological devices. With its powerful features such as being able to supply electricity from both solar panels and batteries at once in a compact design combined with superior performance makes this type of hybrid inverter suitable for any installation set ups needing reliable output from renewable sources..

Sungrow SBR Battery System

A Sungrow SBR battery system with lithium ferro phosphate cells

The Sungrow SBR Battery System is designed to work with their own inverters, providing a dependable and scalable energy storage solution. This DC battery system uses stackable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) modules that can offer all of the usable power produced by your solar setup.

By adding the Sungrow Storage Solution into your current solar arrangement, you will have access to secure and efficient power backup tailored precisely for what you need – something only offered through Sungrow’s top-of-the line inverters!

Lithium Ferro Phosphate Cells

Sungrow’s SBR battery system boasts efficiency and safety with its Lithium Ferro Phosphate cells that do not contain Cobolt, making it an eco-friendly energy storage solution. By leveraging the state-of-the art technology of these specific batteries, Sungrow guarantees a reliable outcome for their users’ needs in terms of sustainability and effectiveness. With this advanced setup, customers are sure to have optimal results while keeping up with environmental regulations at the same time.

Scalability and Peak Output

The Sungrow SBR Battery System offers a flexible, adaptable energy storage option for solar installations. With the modular design of this system, you can start small and expand as needed up to 100kWh with 4 stacks made up of 8 modules that are connected in parallel. The minimum size available is 9.6 kWh and it has 6.57 kW peak output capabilities—so no matter your needs there’s an efficient solution ready to help power your home or business’s sustainability goals!

Monitoring and Control Features

Sungrow inverters provide customers with various capabilities to observe and manage their solar energy system. These features offer the ability for monitoring online through a Web or App, tracking data in real-time, access to firmware updates as well as distant management of the performance of your inverter. With these tools offered by Sungrow you will have total control over your power supply generated from sunlight sources!

These functions give beneficial insight into how efficiently your equipment is functioning which provides you an opportunity to optimize generation and usage utilizing this clean source.

By offering all these options that can be taken advantage of using Sungrow Inverters they are able make sure everyone has full command on their own personalized electricity production process originating from Solar Power Systems

iSolarCloud App

The iSolarCloud app gives users the ability to remotely access their solar power system through a smartphone. With this convenient tool, they are able to monitor its performance in real-time and have total control over it from any location. Historical data is also available for quick reference. Having all of these features makes managing such systems incredibly effortless with minimal hassle. Regardless if at home or away on travels, one can always remain connected thanks to iSolarCloud’s accessible technology centered around your solar energy system capabilities.

Additional Monitoring Options

Sungrow provides a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure that solar power systems operate at their peak performance and energy efficiency. These include the iSolarCloud app, meters, dongles, data loggers for single or three-phase installations as well as an innovative Sungrow Smart Meter – all designed to provide greater control over your system.

With these monitoring options in place you can be sure that your entire solar setup is functioning with maximum effectiveness thanks to Sungrow’s integrated solutions guaranteeing optimal results from each component part!

Warranty and After-Sales Support

A 10 years product warranty claim for a Sungrow inverter in australia

Sungrow provides an outstanding warranty and customer support service for their inverters. Customers can be confident in the performance of their solar power system, thanks to Sungrow’s standard 10-year guarantee that covers most models of inverter available from them.

Should any trouble arise or help is required, customers can reach out to Sungrow’s expert team at all times, emphasizing a clear commitment towards providing excellent client satisfaction with no end!

Standard Warranty

Investing in a Sungrow inverter is backed by the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as each model comes with a ten-year warranty. This coverage includes all parts and labor for the initial period, while subsequent years will have only partial replacement of certain components provided. With this assurance from SunGrow you can be rest assured that your investment in their product remains safe during its duration of use.

Extended Warranty Options

By selecting an extended warranty for their Sungrow inverter models, customers can gain increased assurance of protection that lasts up to 10 years. This extra coverage is instrumental in lessening the monetary cost associated with repairs and replacements when there are issues with any inverters they have purchased as labor and parts will be covered by this lengthy plan.

Having such long term guarantee on one’s Sungrow model provides great peace-of-mind against potential repair costs or malfunctions down the line.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customer reviews for Sungrow inverters

We have hundreds of customers that have installed Sungrow inverters report many favorable reviews of their performance and reliability. They comment on the ease of use thanks to its user-friendly monitoring features, as well as mention how helpful customer support is from this company..

Positive Experiences

Austra Solar takes pride in the positive feedback received for our Sungrow inverters, known for their reliability and ease of use. Our customers appreciate the user-friendly monitoring features that make solar energy management a breeze. Additionally, our responsive customer support earns accolades for its helpfulness, enhancing overall satisfaction. These favorable reviews reflect our commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional service, solidifying our reputation as a trusted solar solutions provider.

Addressing Concerns

Sungrow is devoted to its customers’ satisfaction, displaying their eagerness for progress. As they consider customer feedback and act quickly upon problems that arise, Sungrow makes sure their services and products are constantly transforming according to the changing needs of the solar power market.

This strong dedication reflects Sungrow’s purpose of providing top-notch solutions in solar energy for all those who turn to them.

Sungrow Customer Support in Australian market

Office Add:  Level 7/1 Elizabeth Plaza, North Sydney NSW 2060

Warehouse Add:  Unit 1/87/91 Victoria St, Smithfield NSW 2164

Tel: (toll free) 1800 786 476
Tel: (Overseas) +61 2 9922 1522


Sungrow inverters offer an affordable and reliable solution for solar energy requirements in both residential and commercial environments. Offering a wide selection of models to suit individual needs, their innovative hybrid inverter systems provide extra power during outages while the user-friendly monitoring system allows owners to easily track performance levels. With a clear commitment to customer satisfaction as well as ongoing advancements, Sungrow is certainly worth considering when choosing an appropriate solar inverter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sungrow inverters any good?

Sungrow Inverters are known for their excellent quality, dependability and performance. Their models have an efficiency rate between 95-98%, with CEC approved models of 97.7-98.6%. The company provides great service in Australia backed up by amazing warranties, making them the perfect choice when it comes to residential solar storage needs. With Sungrow’s products you can count on reliability as well as top notch quality every time!

Is Sungrow better than Fronius?

Sungrow inverters boast a superior efficiency at 98%, leaving Fronius behind with 96%. This clearly puts Sungrow’s technology in the lead when it comes to offering consumers reliable and effective inverters.

Is Sungrow inverter Chinese?

Established in 1997, Sungrow was created by Cao Renxian from the Hefei University of Technology located in China. This highlights that it has strong roots within Chinese technology.

What are the top 5 solar inverters?

Among the solar inverters available on the market, we have a shortlisted 5 best-selling inverter based on our customer’s demand and sales. It includes Sungrow, Goodwe, Growatt, Fronius and Solis. Check out detailed review on 2023’s best-selling inverters in Australian market.

What makes Sungrow inverters stand out in the market?

With hundreds of Sungrow inverters sold by us at Austra Solar have proven to be one of the top choice for residential and commercial solar systems due to their reliability, affordability and exceptional efficiency in the market. With Sungrow’s cutting-edge technology coupled with these features, it is easy to see why they stand out from other competitors

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