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Why Is It Important to Bird Proof Your Solar Panels

So you got a good deal, are done with the solar panel installation, and are happy with the savings it’s fetching you. After the acquisition of an asset or a gadget we always want to make sure we maintain it well with the least amount of effort. Thus, to ensure that you keep getting maximum overall yield from the solar panel system and also keep it running hassle-free for years, you want to successfully deal with one hurdle which is – birds that find a perfect warm refuge under your solar panels.

Why Bird-proofing your panels is Important:

  • Birds nesting under the solar panels blocks heat and affects the efficiency of the system
  • The acidic nature of droppings corrodes the surface of the panels affecting the function
  • Lingering displeasing stench from dried bird droppings around the property
  • Bird droppings drying on the panels, blocks sunlight absorption, thus affecting the overall energy production negatively
  • Birds may eat, toy with and damage the exposed wiring and equipment around the panels
  • Bird feathers and twigs, hay from the nests may clog the drainage pipes

Once you are aware of the potential havoc that birds could pose to your solar panels, you would want to explore the various alternatives to keep the feathered foes at bay..

Some common solutions:

  • Regularly Cleaning the Solar Panels It is important to regularly clean the solar panels to remove the droppings and the nests the birds may have built on the underside to make sure the amount of energy produced is not compromised. While this method would take care of clearing the birds’ mess at regular intervals, it is not a permanent solution as is also a tedious and risky task.
  • Bird Spikes – Bird spikes are an array of thin pointy wires that is stuck to the surface you want to protect from bird-landing. It is an efficient tool though not as popular as it may hurt a bird’s foot while landing.
  • Predator Statue – The replica of a predator bird is like a scarecrow in crop fields. Planting the statue of a predator bird like an owl or a hawk could serve as a scare for the birds and prevent them from approaching the roof. The cheapest method however also the least effective one.
  • Bird Repellent System – A kind of an alarm system that emits sound and/or light to scare the birds away as they try to approach the solar panels
  • Bird Mesh Installation – The most popular and the most effective method as opposed to all others for bird-proofing solar panels is the bird mesh installation. It is also safe for the birds. The bird mesh is clipped on to the sides of the panels in a way that absolutely blocks their access underneath them. Since they cannot build shelter, the roof becomes a less desirable landing site for birds.


Bird mesh installation is thus the most successful method for bird-proofing solar panels that ensures longevity and efficiency of the panels, reduces roof maintenance considerably, prevents noisy birds, unpleasant odours, clogged drains etc.

To make sure you get quality service and equipment installed professionally, get in touch with us today. We at Austra Solar would love to assist you with all your solar needs from the best recommendations for solar panel systems for your home and business to bird-proofing your solar panels and much more!

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