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Why is investing in high-quality solar panels important?

So, you decided to switch to renewable energy and take advantage of the solar boom. A solar power plant is indeed a great investment that gives handsome financial benefits and all solar users affirm that. But can a great investment be based on a cheap deal? No. If you want excellent returns from a solar investment, opting for cheap panels will not help as they will cost more in the long run. The government offers rebates on the purchase of solar panels to help people invest in the best quality solar panels in Australia as they will serve you benefits and free electricity for a long time.

When we make a purchase, we want to pay the least for the best product and service. However, a cheap price may translate into inferior quality and many issues later. This can be especially true for sophisticated electronic products like solar equipment. Therefore, choosing one of the best quality solar panels in Australia is critical for maximum solar results.

A solar plant is a long-term investment and all aspects of a solar system must be carefully scrutinized before making the final decision. In this article, we shall discuss why cheap panels are not a good idea when considering installing a solar system.

Common problems with inferior panels

Choosing from the best solar panel brands might increase your solar system’s cost, but it will also considerably increase the profits you reap from it as top solar panel brands offer better warranties and conversion efficiency than their cheaper counterparts. Investing in high-quality panels averts unanticipated costs and ensures abundant uninterrupted yields.

However, choosing inferior panels may lead to problems like:

1) Poor welds

Poor welds on your solar panels may be a result of low-quality construction with inferior materials. Faulty welds can lead to more problems like hot spots which are very bad for your solar.

2) Water ingress

A poor frame may cause water to leak into the modules and cause damage to the solar cells which will greatly reduce the performance and even lead to panel failure.

3) Tedlar deterioration

Tedlar is the protective backsheet layer that covers the module’s backside to ensure the solar system’s longevity for maximum long-term gains. Destruction of the Tedlar is a common problem seen with low-quality panels that can even make the panel useless.

4) Loss of efficiency due to poor EVA

Another common issue with cheap panels is the inferior EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) used, which deteriorates over time and the module’s efficiency and output significantly decline.

5) Cell failure due to delamination

Inferior solar panels commonly become inefficient and fail much before the expected lifespan due to poor cell lamination procedures during manufacturing.

6) Hot spots

The most common solar panel foe is hot spots which occur due to inferior manufacturing processes and materials. Loss of efficiency and energy output keep intensifying until the panel becomes useless and has to be replaced.

Your safety comes first

Another reason why you should invest only in the best quality solar panels in Australia is your safety.

Solar panels are a huge setup full of electronics. And dealing with electronic components, especially of that size requires great caution as your family’s safety is always your priority. Selecting cheap panels to save money, can threaten your house and family’s safety, as they can cause catastrophic malfunctions and even fires.  

Cheap becomes expensive

The solar system is a great investment for making savings on your utility bills and receiving net metering credits. But the purpose of installing solar will be lost when you invest in poor quality panels that often require repair or even a renewal before you had planned. Inconsistent performance and early loss of efficiency will negatively impact your savings and cheap panels will become costly in the long term. It is also worth noting that inferior panels carry shorter warranties than the top solar panel brands.


Opting for cheaper panels might look like a good deal in the beginning as it will save you money on your system’s initial cost. However, making a big investment like solar must be done with a futuristic viewpoint to ensure you achieve your financial objectives from the solar plant while also staying safe. Going for one of the top solar panel brands on the market will ensure excellent solar returns and provide you with decades of free energy after your system pays off in the initial years.

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