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Why going off-grid with solar should be avoided

Solar power and the installation of solar panels has become increasingly popular across Australia. As a larger population goes solar and begins enjoying the savings that come with making this transition to green energy, many Australians are tempted to go completely off the grid and gain complete independence from the grid and its high prices. The question then arises whether it is necessary to go completely off the grid with the addition of a solar battery or still have that backup security of the grid. 

The convenience of an on-grid solar power system is incomparable to the hassle and cost of going off grid with solar. It is important to note that you can easily earn more receiving a solar feed-in tariff than you’ll pay in daily supply charges with an off grid solar power system. It is not recommended that you go off-grid when you already have a grid connection as it is an extremely costly and potentially uncomfortable choice. Not only is going off grid an expensive option, it also negatively impacts the environment as it takes away your opportunity to send all the surplus solar energy generated by your system back into the grid which aids in reducing fossil fuel generation.

Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid going completely off grid and instead begin enjoying benefits of uninterrupted solar power with a solar battery instead. 

  1. A solar battery will minimize your electricity use from the grid.
  2. By installing a solar battery, you will be able to continue to enjoy power generated by your own system even when the grid fails.
  3. With the help of a solar battery, you are sure to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment drastically.

It is necessary to know that a 10kW battery is not enough to sustain all your energy needs. A normal family requires much more power throughout the day than what a normal battery costing almost $10,000 is able to provide. It might be sustainable and doable for a single occupant for a residence but the total cost and hassle that comes with going completely off grid is simply not worth it.

Going completely off grid with solar has an increased potential for conflict and potentially uncomfortable situations like having to sit with no lights at night because you used up all your stored power!

With the help of going solar with an on grid solar power system, you can help to reduce carbon emissions and significantly helping the environment. Going off grid with solar would require a much larger investment and more potential future hassles to deal with this making it not the smartest choice for most people. Whether your main goal is increased financial savings, or playing your part in saving the environment, taking your home off-grid with solar won’t really help with any of those goals.

You can still reduce your dependence on grid energy drastically without going off grid completely and can have power when the grid fails while remaining on-grid which is honestly much more economically feasible and reliable.

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