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What size of Solar do I need and how long will it take to install

The continent of Australia gets a rich amount of solar energy all through the year. It is only smart to invest in solar panels as it could save you a few hundred dollars to some thousands annually. The electricity bills can be cut down to up to half or even lesser, depending on the usage, system size, and overall production.

The most commonly asked questions by homeowners are what size of solar they should go for and the number of panels they would need to run their property. While this depends on the requirement and the property size, the most sought-after size is the 6.6kw. The cost of the 6.6kw system depends upon which inverter and panel brands you choose.

We would recommend you choose a Hybrid Solar Inverter over the String Inverter as it is a more advanced technology. The Hybrid inverters produce energy in the same way as the String ones but they also have an integrated battery that facilitates the storage of power to be used later.

There are a variety of alternatives for hybrid solar inverter brands that are well-trusted in Australia. You could check google reviews for the brands and testimonials from users.

There are some Chinese brands like Huawei and Hyundai which are quite promising due to the warranty, return on investment and cheaper costs. The low labor cost in China allows the manufacturers to supply in Australia at cheaper prices. If you have a smaller roof area, you could opt for the Hyundai 390w panels. Due to the higher wattage produced by each panel, a fewer number of panels is required to complete a system.

You will also want to know how long it will take to get the complete installation done. The answer to that is it may take up to three days to install the system fully – from installing the panels to setting up the inverter. There are a few factors that influence the total time taken to complete the installation.

Factors that influence the time taken for installation:

  1. Licensed Installers

Your solar can last you up to 30 years or more provided you get professional installation done by experts. The licensed CEC installers are more in demand and thus have busier schedules. The availability of an expert licensed installer could act as a factor to determine how long it will take to install your system.

  1. Weather Conditions

Poor weather conditions such as hail, winds, and heavy rains could make it difficult for installers to carry out their job. So, the installation would be withheld to wait for a safer working environment for installers.

  1. Difficult Roof

Sometimes the roof type of the property might be a difficult workspace for installers whereas some other rooftops are relatively easier for installation. Therefore, the installers have to examine the roof and plan a course of action for the job. This might take more time than usual for completing the installation.

  1. Your availability

After the panels are mounted on the roof, and the wiring is taken care of, the experts will need to access the switchboards and the inverter to get the system up and running. For this reason, they might need entry to some doors. Therefore, the availability of the property owners would be required to complete the job.

To get the best recommendations for system size, great discounts on residential and commercial solar panel installation costs, a variety of brands, and excellent installation jobs by licensed experts, get in touch with us at Austra Solar today!

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