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What Is a Hybrid Solar System?

In a hybrid system, your solar panels in Australia stay connected to the utility grid’s power lines and have a battery storage system to store extra power.

The sun’s energy is absorbed by the PV modules to generate power which goes through the inverter to create home-usable electricity. From the inverter, the energy either goes to your home, your battery storage, or to the utility grid.

How does a hybrid solar system work?

The hybrid solar system operates by sending solar power from solar panels to your inverter which sends power to your home and any extra unused energy goes to your battery storage.

The battery backup can power your home when the solar panels are not generating. If there is still excess energy remaining, it is sent to the power grid.

What are the benefits of a hybrid solar system?

The chief advantage of the hybrid solar system is that you will always have power.

1) Due to the battery storage system, the amount of energy that your home does not use, can be stored in batteries to have power backup during

a) night-time when your solar panels in Australia are not producing

b) power outages

c) bad weather/rainy/winter days

2) In case you exhaust all your stored energy, you can still draw electricity from the power grid.

What is the price of a hybrid solar system?

The cost of a 6.6kW hybrid solar system in Australia with a medium size battery will be approximately double or more than the cost of a regular on-grid 6.6kW solar system in Australia with one of the best traditional inverters in Australia. 

The installation of a hybrid solar panel system costs higher than a conventional installation too as it is more complex.

If the upfront high price and slower payback of a hybrid system are of lesser concern to you than the benefits it brings, then a power backup system is indeed worthy of investment.

Nevertheless, battery costs are expected to decline in the future with rapid advancements in technology and growing demand for batteries.

What to consider when buying a hybrid solar system?

1) Good quality hybrid inverter

As we know that the inverter is the first component in your solar system to wear out, so investing in one of the best-quality solar inverters in Australia is critical. Huawei manufactures some of the most advanced, cost-effective, and best home and business hybrid solar inverters in Australia.

2) Battery storage capacity

You must evaluate your usage and budget to determine the battery size you want. It is a great idea to begin with a small size and gradually add more batteries if you feel the need.

3) Battery type

Selecting the right kind of battery is also critical. For instance, lead acid batteries are cheaper, have a shorter lifespan, have older technology, and are bulkier than lithium-ion batteries which are more popular at present.

4) Warranties

Life cycle and warranties are important factors to consider when choosing the right inverter and battery for your home.


When thinking about going solar many homeowners lean towards the idea of going completely off the grid. However, staying grid-tied and investing in a battery storage system will be more advantageous.

When you are connected to the utility grid, you still have access to power in case you run out of battery storage. And you can always sell excess energy to the grid through net metering.

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