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What are the different kinds of solar panel warranties?

Comparing solar panel warranties can get a bit overwhelming to comprehend sometimes. Especially when you are not sure what type of warranties are offered on panels and what they mean. In this article, we shall discuss the types of warranties that are offered on solar panels.

 The different types of solar panel warranties

You may have heard the terms – solar panel product warranty, workmanship warranty, and performance warranty and may wonder what exactly is meant by them.

1) Product Warranty

Solar panel manufacturers offer a product warranty on the panels which ensures coverage against manufacturing defects in the panels. It ensures that each panel was tested before installation. The popular Jinko solar panels come with a 10 years product warranty while some Trina solar panels and Risen solar panels come with a product warranty of 25 years.

2) Performance Warranty

The solar panel performance warranty issued by the manufacturer is the coverage against the panels’ efficacy over the years. This type of warranty considers the degradation in the production value of solar panels by about 0.25% and 0.5% every passing year. Usually, performance warranties cover solar panels for up to 25 years. But in reality, solar panels continue to work efficiently long after their warranties expire with only a negligible loss of performance efficiency on the whole. Most solar panels in the market like Risen solar panels, Jinko solar panels, and Trina solar panels come with a 25-year performance warranty. However, a few companies offer even more than that.

3) Service Workmanship Warranty

Unlike the product and the performance warranties which are offered by the solar panel manufacturer, the workmanship warranty on your solar panels is offered by the contractor who installs your panels. This warranty covers the costs of repair and replacement if your solar panels develop problems due to a faulty installation. Usually, most reputable, and certified solar contractors offer a workmanship warranty of 10 years after the installation of your solar project.

Some important things regarding panel warranties

  • Solar panel warranties can be canceled

A solar installation is a huge decision that entails a big investment. However, cutting corners and getting an unprofessional installation done, to reduce costs is not a prudent move. A do-it-yourself installation or an installation done by a contractor who does not have a professional certification can cancel a performance warranty.

Another condition that can nullify the panel performance and workmanship warranty is hiring a company other than the original installer for maintenance and repairs. 

If there are trees on or around your property that cause shade on your panels and you fail to trim them, it can void the panels’ performance warranty. Therefore, proper maintenance of your solar panels is imperative to keep the warranty intact.

You can consult your contractor to know about the specific conditions that can cause any of your panels’ warranties to go void.

  • Go for the best warranties

Always read the manufacturer’s warranty document to find out what the warranty specifically covers. Compare panel warranties across various manufacturers. If a panel company does not offer the usual coverage offered by most reputable manufacturers like Risen solar panels or Trina solar panels, its panels may not be of the best quality. The installer you finalize must have a verified track record, sound industry experience, and credible references. It is fishy if a contractor will not provide you with the specifics of your warranty’s coverage.


When pondering over solar panel options, ask your contractor for details about what the different panel warranties will cover. Understanding the warranty specifics will help you maintain your solar installation free of worry for years. Reliable industry names like Trina solar panels, Jinko solar panels, Risen solar panels, etc have online reviews that are posted by people who already have them installed and are pretty happy with their performance, service, and warranty support. Sifting reviews gives extra confidence when contemplating solar panel warranties.

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