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What are some good Europe-made solar inverters?

Talking of solar inverters, European engineering is known for delivering superlative quality without cutting corners. People have more confidence in Europe-made inverters as they rarely face issues. In this article, we shall discuss the chief points about some very successful European inverter brands with international popularity, which are also some of the oldest inverter manufacturers in the world.

 Fronius Inverters

Fronius was established in the 1940s as a battery charging, welding, and repair company. They have been manufacturing photovoltaic inverters in Austria for more than three decades now. Fronius has a worldwide supply of excellent quality, dependable, and efficient solar inverters. When Australians think solar, they think Fronius.

Main points about Fronius inverters

1) Fronius inverters are made in Austria with a view to providing outstanding quality inverters without cutting costs.

2) Fronius inverters are highly dependable. Owing to their brilliant design and stringent quality standards, they rarely have any issues.

3) Fronius inverters are known for their pliability. For example, a Fronius Primo 5kW single-phase inverter with 2 MPPTs allows two parallel panel strings into each MPPT. That makes it four total strings on 2 MPPTs, which is awesome!

4) Fronius inverters are actively fan-cooled which prevents overheating of the device. Since electronics don’t like heat, the active cooling mechanism makes Fronius inverters long-lasting.

5) Active cooling makes Fronius noisy, which is a con but can be worked by mounting away from living spaces.

6) The Fronius inverter is a high-end inverter that comes at a high price. The breakdown of the inverter brings the entire system down. Therefore, the inverter deserves to be an extravagant buy to support your solar system for years.

SMA inverters

Established in 1981, SMA inverters are one of the oldest solar inverter manufacturers in the industry. This European brand is the third-largest inverter manufacturer in the world.

Main points about SMA inverters

1) Designed and constructed in Germany, SMA inverters are a synonym for quality and are highly trusted worldwide.

2) SMA has been supplying excellent solar inverters for more than four decades. Its long-term standing gives extra confidence.

3) SMA’s pricing is similar to Fronius’s.

4) SMA inverters do not have a screen display, which is a con.

Fimer ABB inverters

Fimer is an Italian solar inverter company established in the 1940s. It bought the successful ABB inverter business in March 2020 and is currently producing with the ABB inverter brand tag.

Main Points about Fimer ABB inverters

1) Fimer ABB inverters – European inverter brand made in Italy.

2) Fimer, formerly known as ABB inverters, is a gigantic electrical engineering enterprise and has the expertise and resources to produce top-notch inverter products.

3) Fimer ABB inverters have good warranties and support.

4) Fimer ABB inverters are expediently priced between Fronius and Sungrow inverters. A 6.6kW solar system will cost about $350 less than a Fronius inverter of similar capacity.


Some excellent inverter brands are engineered in Europe. They stand out for their high-quality construction and reliable performance. They rarely have any issues, and the manufacturing companies have a brilliant reputation for swift turnaround, troubleshooting, and warranty support. This indeed took the manufacturers years of innovation, experience, and service in the solar field. These European brands rightly command a price for their excellent products and are trusted by people the world over.

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