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Trina Solar Panels Review

Trina Solar is one of the top names among the solar panel manufacturers and suppliers globally. It is very important to choose quality products when buying a solar power system to ensure that you are able to maximise on all the benefits a solar power system has to offer. From the solar panels available across Australia, Trina Solar has gained a reputable position over the years with their reliability, performance and affordability. Trina has introduced ground-breaking technologies in recent years with its R&D team. The company has managed to produce effective solar panels with half-cell technology.  It is available at cost-effective prices when combined with its bifacial technology.

Once you make the decision to go solar, it is important to research the right system for your home in order to get the most out of your solar power system. In this blog post, we have reviewed the Trina Vertex 390w panels to help new solar buyers researching affordable and reputable solar panels for their home.

About Trina Vertex 390 W Cell Technology

  • Trina Solar recently manufactured its 1/3 cut solar cell technology for its Vertex cells. This has helped increase the total light absorption from the sun and aided a higher output generation. For the Trina Vertex 390W, the cell technology used is multi-busbar.
  • The multi-bar solar module technology offered by the Trina Vertex 390W solar panels has helped limit any ribbon resistance. It has also aided in reducing cell-based power loss. This combined with a side wafer of 210mm, helps it produce 600W high output. It also has an efficiency that scales up by 21.4 percent. The Trina Vertex 390 W uses high-density square-mono cells and encapsulation technology. These solar panels have a 21% efficiency.
  • Trina Solar is one of the top names among the solar panel manufacturers and suppliers globally. Its reputation and distribution network scales across 30+ countries. The company came into existence in the year 1997 and is presently manufacturing solar panels in China.

Trina Solar Panels Performance

Trina Solar panels use bifacial technology with a double glass system. Solar output is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right panels for your home. The bifacial technology adopted by Trina solar helps maximize solar power generation by going as high as 30 percent. The 1/3 cut cells also help reduce major power loss with higher power generated for each watt.

Trina Solar Panel Warranty

In addition to the productive cell design, the warranty offered by Trina Solar is also commendable. The Vertex 390 W solar panel comes with a 15-year warranty on the workmanship.

Trina Solar is considered a Tier-1 solar panel manufacturer as per Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Trina Solar as a solar panel manufacturer produces value-for-money and high-performance solar panels for its customers with impressive designs.


Trina solar panels are much cheaper compared to most brands available in the Australian market. Trina solar manufactures affordable and high performing solar panels and are constantly innovating and developing their technology.  The company also flaunts a diligent reputation for financial stability. It also provides long-term warranty for which they have a great reputation of honouring.

Solar Panel Efficiency

With high panel efficiency, the 390 W Trina Vertex panels have proven to perform at their best for 10 years and gradually begin to degenerate after this period slowly. Under the right conditions, the Trina solar panels provide high performance for a long period of time. This includes max power generation going as high as 600W. The Trina solar panels also have an easy mounting design which works in their favour for smooth and easy installation.


Trina Solar is best known for manufacturing value-for-money and high-performance solar panels for its customers with impressive designs. Trina Solar has invested in future-forward technology & innovation which gears towards improving the panel’s efficiency & quality. As a solar panel company, they also strive to strike the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness & modern cell technology.

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