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Things to consider when purchasing a solar battery

Solar powered systems have helped homeowners and businesses save drastically by minimising the use of power from the grid. Solar panels combined with a solar battery storage solution are not only helpful in situations when the panels themselves are unable to generate enough solar power in relation to the consumption but they are also really beneficial in circumstances when there is a planned or unplanned power outage and the grid supply becomes unreliable.

A solar battery is an innovative technology designed to expand the use of sunlight to shift our dependence on a sustainable power source. Solar batteries store energy from a solar PV system. The system’s panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it to electricity which then passes through the inverter for your home to use.

A solar battery is an additional component that can allow you to store energy produced from your panels and use the energy at a later time, such as in the evening when your panels are no longer producing energy. Solar batteries are a great invention that work to provide excellent energy storage which contributes towards a number of different benefits- from emergency backup power when the grid fails to exponential financial savings! Making the decision to install a solar battery for your system brings technical complexity and a brand new set of unfamiliar terminology because of how new this technology really is. Here are some of the things to focus on and look for when purchasing a solar battery: –

  • Power Rating – It is important to be clear of your main goal you wish to achieve by installing a solar battery. If your focus is to be able to power a more energy-intensive appliance like an air conditioner, look for a battery with a high instantaneous power rating in the solar batteries’ brand specs.
  • Usable Capacity – If your main aim is to go for longer duration without having to use the grid for your power needs when there is no sunlight to keep generating more power, look for a battery with a higher usable capacity in the brand specs for the solar battery model.
  • High Roundtrip Efficiency – When the main focus of the homeowner is to get the most out of every kilowatt/hour of electricity that is put into the solar battery throughout the day, look for batteries with a higher roundtrip efficiency in the brand details for the solar battery model
  • Available space – Some homeowners have limited space available for keeping these solar batteries due to space constraints. If your main focus is to get the most amount of storage out of the least amount of space, look for lithium-ion nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries
  • Longevity – Some interested solar battery buyers are mainly concerned about the longevity of the battery and in that case it is recommended look for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries
  • Safety Rating – Some homeowners however are specifically focused on getting a solar battery with the absolute highest safety rating possible. In this case, it is recommended to look for LFP batteries. It is important to note that all solar batteries are designed to be very safe regardless.

In conclusion, installing a solar power system along with a solar battery storage is a great investment to help maximise your savings and get you assured high returns for the years to follow. Contact Austra solar today for a free quote and for expert advice on what is the best option for your home or business to help you get started on generating your own source of clean power and begin saving.

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