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Is the Sunny Tripower Hybrid solar inverter worth it?

SMA Inverters

SMA is a European solar inverter manufacturing company which is based in Germany. It was founded in 1981 and leads the solar market in home and business inverter and battery solutions for the last four decades. SMA’s long-term experience in the industry makes it an extremely reliable brand to invest in for excellent solar results. These experts lead the world in PV technology and SMA inverters set the new-age global standards for renewable, green energy.

SMA inverters are loved by Australians for their German design and manufacturing. They are synonymous with reliability and efficiency and are one of the most installed solar inverters in Australia. SMA began its supply in Australia in 2007 and has more products applied than any of its rivals in the continent.

Why should I choose SMA inverters?

1) The SMA inverters are designed and manufactured in Germany.

2) Sturdy built – suitable for Australian conditions

3) Reliable warranties, quick response, and very low warranty claims

4) Wonderful after-sales service and customer support

5) High inverter efficiency ratings

6) Excellent monitoring abilities that facilitate data and output analysis

SMA Sunny Tripower Smart Energy Inverter

The Sunny Tripower Smart Energy Inverter is a new release by SMA inverters this year.  It is a very powerful and successful 3-phase hybrid inverter solution suitable for medium to large homes. The Tripower smart inverter comes in energy ratings ranging from 5kW to 10kW which perfectly fits the power requirements of a mid to large-sized family. These SMA hybrid inverters facilitate a wide MPPT range and up to 150% oversizing. They offer decent energy ratings with adjustable backup time. The adjustable backup setting on this inverter makes it usable as a UPS at the time of a power outage. It can briefly cut power for ten seconds to alert the user of the outage to reduce power consumption.

A brief look at the SMA inverter warranty

SMA inverters come with a 5-year warranty which can be increased to 10 years by registering on the company’s website (within 12 months of product purchase) for no extra charge. SMA also offers warranty extensions of 15, 20, and 25 years at an additional cost. At an extra charge of about $500, you can extend the warranty on SMA home solar inverters to 20 years. After proper diagnosis and verification of the issues claimed for, the SMA inverter warranty covers the cost of parts, labor costs, shipping, repair, and replacement of the product.

While the SMA inverter warranties are typically 5 to 10 years, the warranty on its monitoring devices and accessories is two years shorter since these meters are installed in enclosed places and not exposed to acute conditions.


SMA offers some of the most reliable solar inverters in the world with ample warranties and excellent customer service and support. Most installers and industry experts have positive SMA inverter reviews. Australians who have them installed also usually post some good SMA inverter reviews online.

SMA inverters have a solid leading position in the commercial and utility-grade sector with the magnificent Tripower Core 1, Tripower Core 2, Sunny Highpower, and Sunny Island central inverters. SMA has continually been advancing in the solar technology domain and its impressive Sunny Tripower hybrid home solar inverter is already a success in home energy storage.

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