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Is it time to invest in a solar battery installation?

Solar batteries are gaining increased popularity across Australia as more and more people are realizing the additional benefits that installing a solar power system paired with a solar battery can have to help make you more independent from the grid and rely solely on the power your own system generates. The technology used by solar batteries is still fairly new and in the process of being developed. There are great leaps of advancement expected in this field of the solar industry and an attempt to make it much more affordable.

The main function of a Solar battery storage system is to store the extra solar energy generated by your solar panels and is not used for your own consumption. This stored energy can then be used to power your appliances in the absence of sunlight or when the weather conditions are not favourable for optimal solar power generation. This becomes especially useful in locations like West Australia because of the large restrictions Western power imposes on the feed in tariff. By installing a solar battery, residents of West Australia can maximise the use of all the power their solar power system generates as the feed in tariff scheme comes with heavy restrictions.

Pairing your solar panels with solar batteries comes with a number of advantages as it allows you to store the energy that your solar panels produce for later use. Solar batteries are now being developed such a way that they do not require the inverter to be a hybrid specifically in order to connect the battery to the system. With advancements made in the field of this solar storage solution, many AC solar batteries are being developed at lower costs and more flexible options of pairing. Solar batteries are especially beneficial in providing access to reliable backup power in case of any power cuts and an independence from relying solely on the grid.

It can be observed that solar panels produce the most electricity during the middle of the day, which unfortunately also happens to be the time when your home uses the least amount of electricity especially if you and your family are out of the house for those hours of the day for work/school, etc. With a grid connected solar power system, all that excess solar energy gets sent back to the utility grid but for places like West Australia you are unable to receive the benefits of the feed in tariff if your system is producing more power than what you are allowed to export. Therefore, it becomes a smart financial choice to invest in a solar battery in Australia to actually use the power your system is capable of generating.

When solar panels are paired with a solar battery all that excess electricity can be stored in the battery instead of going to the grid. This means, that when there is no sunlight goes or when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity due to other weather conditions, you can use the energy you have stored in your solar battery instead of paying for electricity from the grid.

By installing a solar battery, you have the chance to power all your home appliances with clean, renewable solar energy generated by your own solar panels.

It is very beneficial to invest that extra amount on a solar battery to pair with your solar panels. It has become quite common for people across Australia to enquire about solar batteries to pair with their solar power systems.

Installing a solar battery storage solution in Australia provides amazing benefits especially to homeowners who live in areas that experience frequent power outages. It is also beneficial in Australia because of the lack of full-retail net metering being offered at all locations.

Solar batteries have a great positive impact on the environment, as it maximizes the amount of renewable energy used by your home or business and making a remarkable decrease in your carbon footprint.

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