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How to choose the right system size for your home

It can feel overwhelming when it comes to all the intricacies of deciding the right system for your home when getting solar. From the large variety of brands available in the market for both panels and inverters to details like the size of the system, it can feel like a herculean task with all the large variety of options available in the Australian market. This article will help guide you to understand what you need to know to get the right system size for your home. 

When you decide to book a solar system for your home, one of the first things to consider is the size of the system you would like to install. Choosing the right system depends on a few factors. One of the main aspects which can influence the size of your solar system is the size of your roof. The most ideal locations for placing panels in Australia in order is the north, west and east facing roof. The south facing roof is highly discouraged and only in some cases when no other option is available is suggested by the installers with the use of tilts. 

Keeping the ideal locations for installing the panels in mind, you will need to consider the roof design and the available space as a bigger system will require a larger area for the larger number of panels. 

Another important aspect to consider when choosing the right system size is your electricity usage. Based on your electricity bill, a solar expert will recommend the right system size to combat your quarterly bills drastically. The aim is to completely eradicate the electric bills, by producing your own power during the day and making up for the power used at night through the feed in tariffs. The second best outcome with just the solar system installed is lowering your bills by 80-90%. 

Once you have an idea of your quarterly electric consumption based on your bill, the right system size can be suggested to you by a solar expert. After this step, the solar expert prepares a tentative layout for you which takes care of the first point of consideration- making sure there is enough room for the number of panels required for the suggested system size. 

The amount of energy you consume is the most important factor in determining what size solar system you need. Aim to size your solar system to offset 100% of your power consumption – this maximizes savings, as it means you won’t be buying electricity from the utility company anymore adn can instead be selling the extra power you make back to the grid!

Solar companies can combine tools like using softwares like Nearmaps with an in-person assessment of your roof to develop the most accurate projection of solar panel production. A reputable solar company would be happy to calculate the right solar system for your energy needs and provide a free quote for you to consider. 

The addition of battery storage to a solar power system can also have a considerable impact on solar system size. If you want enough solar-plus-battery storage to power your entire home for 24-48 hours, even if there’s an extended grid outage, then you will require a system size that’s large enough to cover your daily energy consumption and fully recharge your batteries, even on days with low solar production (i.e. a cloudy day in winter). 

In conclusion, calculating the right system size for your home must account for your usage, average hours of sunlight and weather in that location, your roof characteristics, and whether or not you’ll also install battery storage.

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