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How much will my electricity bill be after getting solar panels?

People often wonder how much electricity bill they will still get after installing solar.

Well actually, how much electricity bill you will get after a solar installation depends on a few factors which are: the amount of energy your solar is producing, your energy usage, and your local electricity rates.

If you think your energy bill will be totally wiped off with solar, it is not true. However, it will be considerably reduced. First, let us see what your electricity bill will look like after you get the best solar panels and solar inverter in Australia, installed on your roof.

Your electricity bill after solar installation

1) Standard service fees

A home solar installation will not eliminate the service fee that the utility company charges to connect your house to the grid. It’s a flat monthly charge for your electricity usage.

2) Taxes

Taxes from the electricity company are based on the amount of electricity you use from the grid. This means the more you depend on solar power to meet your energy needs, the less amount of taxes you pay.

3) Grid electricity consumed

After the basic charges of service fees and taxes, the main part of the electricity bill we look at is the amount of energy you use from the grid. So, you get charged for the kWh you have used from the grid based on their volume rate. By getting a 6.6kw or a 10kw home solar system in Brisbane, you reduce (or sometimes completely eliminate) your energy usage from the grid. So that makes the whole difference to your electricity bills.

The more energy you use from your solar for your household’s power requirements the tinier your electricity bill will get.

4) Net Metering

This comes into the picture when you export excess/unused electricity produced by your solar system to your electricity grid. Net metering is the credits you receive from your electricity company for the surplus electricity you supply to them. This makes you save more on your electricity bills.

Factors that impact your electricity bill after solar installation

1) Your system’s yield

Optimizing your solar system’s energy production is important to create energy that your home can depend upon. The size and the yield of your solar directly impact your electricity bills. To achieve maximum energy production from your solar system in Australia, it is important to choose high-efficiency solar modules from one of the best solar companies in Gold Coast which will surely give you a higher electricity yield.

People usually get 6.6kw to 10kw solar systems installed in their Brisbane homes. The difference in size directly influences the amount of energy produced as also does shading.

2) Your home’s consumption

Clearly, your electricity bill mainly depends upon the amount of energy you use from the electricity company. So, a complete analysis of your power requirements before investing in a solar system is important. You should know how much energy is required to power all the electrical devices in your home to make sure the size and efficiency rating of your solar can produce enough solar power for your household to reduce your electricity bill to the lowest.

3) Electricity prices from your utility company

Your electricity bill depends on the rate at which your electricity company charges you. The average cost of electricity in Australia is estimated to rise every year. By investing in solar you can be financially secure from the price hikes and benefits are greater in states where electricity costs are already higher than others.


Installing solar definitely makes your life at home more enjoyable as it also secures you from rising electricity prices. This security will be more advantageous as energy prices continue to rise through the lifespan of your solar.

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