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GoodWe vs SolarEdge Inverters: Which Is The Better Choice?

When selecting the right inverter for your solar energy system, choosing GoodWe and SolarEdge can be a pivotal decision. Both manufacturers are renowned in the industry for their high-quality inverters, advanced technology, and reliable performance.

This comprehensive comparison delves into the key features, efficiency, reliability, warranty offerings, monitoring capabilities, and other important aspects of GoodWe and SolarEdge inverters.

By examining these factors closely, we aim to provide the insights needed to determine which option best aligns with your specific requirements and preferences, ultimately answering the question: GoodWe vs SolarEdge Inverters – Which Is The Better Choice?

Note: The below comparison is between the 5kw inverter from Goodwe and Solaredge. 

OriginChinaIsrael. Made in china/malaysia
Price Range (AUD)$750* $3,000+ *
EfficiencyApprox. 97% - 98%Up top 99.2%
ReliabilityHighly ReliableHighly Reliable
Warranty10 years12 years
MonitoringIntegrated mobile appIntegrated mobile app
Weight (in Kg)13 22
Technical Support in AustraliaGood, with local presenceGood with growing local presence
Battery CompatibilityCompatible with AC batteries many battery brands such as Tesla Powerwall, Enphase, AlphasESS etc.Compatible with all AC batteries such as Tesla Powerwall, Enphase, AlphasESS etc.
Special FeaturesMultiple MPPTs for flexibility, Anti-PID technology, etc.Module-level monitoring, Automatic rapid shutdown upon AC grid disconnect, etc.
Reputation in AustraliaGenerally positive with increasing market shareGrowing Steadily 
Hotline+61 3 9918 3905+61 1800 465 567

Origin of GoodWe and SolarEdge inverters

  • GoodWe: GoodWe started in 2010 in China and focuses on making solar power equipment like inverters and energy storage. They’re known for their dependable and affordable products used in homes, businesses, and big solar projects worldwide.
  • SolarEdge: SolarEdge, established in Israel in 2006, developed smart inverters that make each solar panel work better. This boosts the power you get from your panels and makes the whole system more efficient. They’re a big name globally, famous for their smart tech in solar energy.

Price Range 

  • Goodwe: $750/- onwards
  • Solar edge: $3,000/- onwards


  • GoodWe: GoodWe inverters are famous for their high efficiency, ensuring that solar panels produce the most energy possible. They can reach up to 98.6% efficiency, ensuring sunlight is turned into electricity effectively, boosting the system’s performance.
  • SolarEdge: SolarEdge inverters stand out for their exceptional efficiency, especially when paired with power optimizers. With top-notch efficiency ratings, SolarEdge inverters ensure you get the most out of your solar setup, reaching up to 99.2% efficiency.


  • GoodWe: GoodWe inverters are built tough to withstand different weather and temperature changes. They ensure reliability for big industries and homes using top-quality materials and thorough testing.
  • SolarEdge: The SolarEdge solar inverters are renowned for their exceptional reliability. With its robust design and advanced technology, the SolarEdge inverter ensures consistent performance even in challenging environmental conditions.


  • GoodWe: GoodWe offers warranties lasting 10 years, with the option for extended coverage in certain models and regions. Their dedicated team assists with installation, operation, and maintenance inquiries, ensuring customers have a worry-free experience.
  • SolarEdge: SolarEdge provides even longer warranties, extending up to 12 years, giving customers extended peace of mind and protection for their investment. This longer warranty period reflects SolarEdge’s dedication to quality and reliability, ensuring customers can trust their inverters for years.


  • GoodWe: GoodWe inverters have an intuitive user interface with LED, LCD, WLAN, and APP functionalities. Users can conveniently access real-time performance data, such as energy production and system status, through various communication options, including WiFi, LAN, or optional RS485.
  • SolarEdge: SolarEdge monitoring offers comprehensive insights into solar PV systems, enabling users to track performance and optimize energy production effectively. With SolarEdge’s monitoring platforms, users can remotely access and analyze key data such as energy production, system status, and fault alerts.


  • GoodWe: The GoodWe inverter, such as the GW700-XS-11 model, is remarkably lightweight at just 5.8 kilograms and compact with dimensions of 295mm x 230mm x 113mm. This design ensures effortless handling and installation.
  • SolarEdge: The SolarEdge inverter, such as the SE-2500H, is a compact model. It measures 185mm x 370mm x 540mm and is lightweight at only 10 kg, making it simple to handle and install, whether for homes or businesses. 

Technical Support in Australia

  • GoodWe: GoodWe provides users with valuable resources to help them get the most out of their products. With online support and a diverse range of covered topics, users can discover customized solutions for their renewable energy requirements. You can check it out at the GoodWe Help Centre.
  • SolarEdge: SolarEdge offers extensive technical support in Australia through authorized service providers and dedicated customer service channels. To learn more about SolarEdge’s technical support offerings in Australia, visit their SolarEdge Help Centre.

Battery Compatibility

  • GoodWe: GoodWe is praised for its excellent AC battery compatibility, effortlessly integrating with various battery technologies for energy storage solutions. This flexibility allows users to customize their setups according to their preferences, enhancing resilience and adaptability. 
  • SolarEdge: SolarEdge also supports AC battery storage, enabling users to optimize self-consumption and backup power.

 Both brands offer seamless integration with diverse battery options, so users can maximize energy independence and system performance to suit their needs.

Special Features

  • GoodWe: GoodWe inverters incorporate smart energy management features, enabling efficient control and optimization of energy usage. These inverters are compatible with hybrid systems, seamlessly integrating solar and battery storage setups for enhanced energy management.
  • SolarEdge: SolarEdge inverters are equipped with power optimizers, which optimize the performance of individual solar panels at the module level, maximizing energy production even in challenging conditions. These inverters have comprehensive monitoring capabilities, allowing users to monitor and optimize their solar energy systems easily.


Choosing between GoodWe and SolarEdge inverters depends on your specific needs and priorities for your solar energy system.

If affordability is key while maintaining quality and reliability, GoodWe inverters may be the way to go. They offer a range of inverters at a budget-friendly price point without sacrificing efficiency or reliability.

However, if you prioritize long-term performance, advanced monitoring, and a proven track record, SolarEdge inverters might be the better option. SolarEdge is known for its highly reliable inverters and industry-leading warranties.

Ultimately, the choice between GoodWe and SolarEdge comes down to your budget, desired features, and specific system requirements. Carefully evaluating warranties, features, and brand reputation will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your goals.

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