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Get the Facts: Growatt Inverter Review 2023

Growatt inverters have become a major player in the Australian solar market, renowned for their high-quality and cost effective solutions. But how do they stack up against other brands? Growatt has consistently made it to our top 5 best selling inverters list in Australia in 2023.

In this Growatt inverter review article we will take an extensive look at what makes these products stand out from competitors including features, performance, reliability as well as customer support such as warranty programs. By taking into account all of this information you can make an informed decision if investing in Growatt’s range of solar energy systems is right for your needs or not.

Short Summary

  • Growatt Inverters offer reliable, cost-effective solutions with high efficiency rates and compatibility with battery storage systems.
  • Installation considerations include adhering to the installation manual, confirming local regulations, evaluating system size & energy needs and consulting a professional installer.
  • Adding energy storage can increase independence & savings while Clean Energy Council approval makes solar systems eligible for rebates in Australia.

Growatt Inverter Overview

Solar inverters from Growatt - a reliable and cost effective solution for your solar system

Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd., established in China back in 2010, specializes on the manufacture of photovoltaic (PV) inverters and storage solutions including their own single-phase and three-phase models of efficient Growatt solar inverters ranging from 1kW to 253kW. With a deep commitment to research and development, they have been able to gain recognition as one of the main suppliers for hybrid solar inverters within the Australian market having an office located at Silverwater NSW allowing customers local access to resources like assistance when needed. Their cost effective prices that makes them attractive choices among many retailers dealing with such products thus providing good value for money Solar energy solution packages system compatible with lithium battery systems offered by Growatt verified by electrical engineers accredited since 2011 due to its overall reliability over time ensuring customer satisfaction now more than ever before.

Key Features of Growatt Inverters

Growatt inverters - high efficiency rates, affordability, remote monitoring and battery storage compatibility

When it comes to solar energy, investing in a high-quality inverter is absolutely essential, as the quality of your inverter can greatly impact how successful and efficient your solar project turns out. Growatt’s range of inverters offers some attractive features such as increased efficiency levels, cost effectiveness when compared with similar models on the market, remote monitoring capabilities which allow you to keep an eye on performance from afar – and compatibility with battery storage systems.

To fully appreciate the distinctiveness of Growatt Inverters compared to other products, one must examine them in detail. Their exceptional efficiency combined with competitive pricing ensures outstanding value for money without any compromise. Furthermore, the capability of specific batteries to store power generated by these efficient devices offers added flexibility, making them suitable for any size or type of solar power system.

Then, selecting a reliable growatt inverter could make a real difference between success and failure in achieving effective useable renewable energy production combined with optimum affordability satisfaction both today and long into the future!

High Efficiency Rates

When selecting a solar inverter, energy efficiency is paramount. Growatt’s model has stood out from its competitors with an impressive up to 98% efficiency rate. This result translates into more electricity produced by your solar panels at lower costs on the bills – it’s no wonder why they have achieved such huge success in this market! A customer using their system for many years praised that there was never any issue like PV isolation or other common problems encountered with inverters showcasing again how reliable and of superior quality these products are.


Growatt’s selection of cost-effective inverters have become an attractive choice for solar companies. Prices can change depending on the model and specifications, but due to competitive rates they are a great value investment when it comes to entering into solar energy. For example, customers looking at the 5kw single phase-TL-X will find prices range from $500 – $600. When purchasing Growatt inverters, you get quality assurance that doesn’t come with every penny saver option out there as well as reliability – making them highly worthwhile!

Remote Monitoring

In this modern, technology-driven era where people require quick access to information, Growatt inverters feature user-friendly monitoring systems that help users monitor their solar system remotely. This is done by connecting the plug-and-play dongle – the Growatt Inverter Monitoring System – to a phone or computer through downloading the ShinePhone from Appstore and scanning its barcode. With this convenient connection process now completed, one can keep track of all relevant data regarding their inverters’ performance at any given time with ease!

This allows consumers to have visibility over status updates for each individual component within the solar system as well as ensuring that they are getting optimal outputs from it. What’s more? The same technique also comes in handy if there are ever service requests needed on an urgent basis since you know exactly how your photovoltaic energy plants behavior is like out in real world conditions thanks to remote tracking provided by growatt Solar Inverters Monitorning System (SIMS).

Battery Storage Compatibility

Growatt inverters have the ability to provide a dependable and future-proof solution for those who use solar energy. Being compatible with single phase, split-phase, three-phase battery ready inverters as well as Lifepo4 batteries of 48V makes them suitable for any user that wants to capitalize on surplus power generated by their installed panels through incorporating battery storage systems.

By having Growatt devices integrated into one’s system, they can store up what is produced instead of relying solely on the grid while also cutting back electricity charges in effect over time. This optimizes your experience when it comes down to running off solar along with offering ease of access regarding setting up both new and existing equipment such as converters or batteries alike within a household unit operating under renewable sources like photovoltaic or others sourced from nature itself (wind).

Popular Growatt Inverter Models in Australia

Growatt best selling models in Australia

Growatt inverters are a popular choice in the market for providing reliable solar energy. Three of their top models include the MIN 2500-6000TL-XH, GROWATT 3000-6000TL3-S and GROWATT 7000-11000TL3–S, all offering unique features to fulfil different requirements.

The MIN 2500 (6000 TL) XH is ideal for residential or commercial projects with its exceptional performance capabilities which have made it stand out from other brands on offer today. For larger energy needs, there’s also a Growatt’s range of higher powered versions such as the GROWATT’S 3000 – 6000T L 3 – S and 70000 11 000 TML, S that provide users excellent stability while utilizing this clean form of renewable resource effectively.

MIN 2500-6000TL-XH

The MIN 2500-6000TL-XH is an intelligently designed, residential grid compatible inverter which has a single phase feature and offers outstanding versatility. Boasting maximum efficiency of 98.7%, this 2.5 to 6kW appliance can be used for zero export purposes as well as battery connection should the user wish to incorporate storage into their system, both easily enabled through its two Maximum Power Point Trackings (MPPTs).

In terms of usability, it features modern aesthetics with comfortable use via touch key display alongside OLED screen making navigation simple yet stylish. Perfect for solar energy solution applications at home or larger scale where applicable.

GROWATT 3000-6000TL3-S

The GROWATT 3000-6000TL3-S is a grid tied inverter that offers optimal solar energy production for residential and small commercial rooftops. It boasts up to 98.5% efficiency, with battery storage compatibility, dual MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Trackers), web server built in and remote monitoring capabilities giving users the confidence of knowing their system’s performance from afar. This versatile model has an IP65 protection rating and can handle temperatures ranging between -25°C through +60°C as well as 100% humidity levels, which makes it suitable for any climate condition or environment regardless of space constraints. Installation is easy due to its fanless design and compact size making this one of the most popular choices when considering reliable options for solar power installations, both residentially and commercially speaking!

GROWATT 7000-11000TL3-S

The GROWATT 7000-11000TL3-S is a single phase inverter, specifically designed for larger solar installations. This model provides power ranging from 7 to 11 thousand watts and includes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which assists in maximizing energy production. It offers high efficiency of 97.5% at peak output levels up to eleven kilowatts making it ideal for those wishing to get the most out of their solar investment.

This innovative product also comes with an impressive 10 year warranty as well as remote monitoring features, technical support options and maintenance services, all contributing towards customer satisfaction throughout use of this excellent device.

At its core, the GROWATT 7000-11000TL3-S is a powerful yet reliable tool enabling users reap maximum benefits when capitalizing on renewable sources such as solar energy.

Growatt Inverter Performance and Reliability

Growatt inverters provide a variety of advantages, but their performance and reliability should also be taken into account. Some users have been disappointed with the customer service, but Growatt has shown great commitment to innovating in the Australian solar energy sector.In fact, electrical engineers across Australia who have known about these inverters since 2011 give them high praise for their qualities.

While some may point out issues like build quality or overheating in earlier models, the latest Growatt designs showcase significant improvements. Dedicated to providing reliable and efficient solar power solutions, consulting expert reviews can offer insights into their products before making a purchase decision.

Warranty and After-sales Support

Growatt warranty and after-sales support - a reliable and cost effective solution

Growatt provides a variety of advantages to their customers, such as: an included ten-year warranty on the inverters with optional extension periods and assurance that their money is safe. Despite some negative feedback in regards to aftercare service not being adequately responsive or accessible, Growatt still supplies help via local offices and customer care options. By contacting either your installer or directly them at 02 8065 1298/ 1800 476 928, any queries regarding your specific Growatt inverter can be sorted out promptly.

Comparing Growatt Inverters with Competitors

When evaluating Growatt inverters, it’s crucial to compare the value they offer for their price against other top-tier brands. With their competitive pricing and unwavering quality, these inverters distinguish themselves from competitors, including leading models like string converters.

Costumers looking for a dependable solar energy system while still attaining affordability would do well with selecting an option such as Growatt’s range of options, due to its ability to provide stability and effectiveness without compromising cost too heavily. This creates an excellent balance between obtaining affordable equipment but also making sure it holds up over time so customers don’t have to worry about having their investment fail before reaping any rewards down the line!

Installation Considerations for Growatt Inverters

When installing a Growatt inverter, several considerations need to be taken into account in order for optimal system performance and longevity. Firstly, the installation manual provided by Growatt should be followed closely when working on the project. All wiring connections must remain tight while taking note of local regulations and other components which could affect output levels from your solar setup. Lastly, seeking assistance from certified installers is key as they can ensure proper configuration whilst evaluating roof space (analyzing shading issues too) thus ensuring an ideal energy yield from your chosen setup at any given time.It’s essential to evaluate both your energy needs and the space available for potential installations, such as monitoring and control systems, to ensure your solar system meets expectations without overexerting or wasting resources due to miscalculations or improper placement

Adding Energy Storage to Your Growatt Inverter System

Adding Battery storage to your Growatt inverter system - a reliable and cost effective solution

Adding battery storage to your Growatt inverter system can increase energy independence and money saved. The combination of the solar inverter and a battery inverter known as Hybrid Inverters (SPH5000, SPH6000) by Growatt makes it effortless to incorporate energy storage with a solar set-up. One customer who incorporated this technology expressed satisfaction in their experience with greater than expected results. Storing power produced from the panels for later use reduces reliance on grid electricity while saving costs at once. By coupling Battery Storage along with Growatt’s hybrid facilities, consumers will have access to more efficient resources, allowing them to harness available renewable sources every step of the way!

Clean Energy Council Approval and Solar Financial Incentives

Clean Energy Council approved Growatt Inverters Australia

Choosing a Growatt inverter for your solar system comes with numerous benefits. It ensures you’re investing in an energy efficient product and that it meets the criteria of Australia’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, allowing you to take advantage of eligible government rebates on electricity bills. Selecting this approved Clean Energy Council certified installation will help increase potential savings even down the line.


Growatt inverters present a great combination of quality, energy efficiency and affordability. This is why they are widely chosen for solar systems in Australia – with many models to choose from, these products provide high efficiency ratings as well as convenient remote monitoring features that make them suitable for both residential and business properties alike. Not only this, but compatibility with battery storage solutions makes Growatt devices an ideal choice when it comes to renewable energy sources such as Solar power.

By investing into one of the renowned inverters by Growatt, you will be making sure your system runs smoothly while helping protect our planet’s future too – achieving optimal performance levels at discounted rates! The fact that there is no compromise on dependability or effectiveness between all available choices encourages anyone thinking about taking advantage of renewables to consider purchasing a reliable yet cost effective solution like those offered by the brand. Growatt inverters are truly efficient and customer oriented growth at Inverter, customers can trust.

Finding Best Deals for Growatt Inverters

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common problems with Growatt inverters?

Overheating, Insulation problem, High Output are some of the common problems with Growatt Inverter.

What are the top 5 inverters?

In the realm of power inverters, five stand out in particular: Fronius, SMA, Goodwe, Growatt and Sungrow. All these provide excellent performance when it comes to energy conversion from one form to another.

What makes Growatt inverters stand out from other brands?

Growatt inverters offer impressive features that set them apart from other brands. They are renowned for their high efficiency, competitive pricing and compatibility with battery storage systems as well as having remote monitoring capabilities. This makes Growatt’s solutions an economical and reliable choice for those seeking a trustworthy inverter option. Due to the user-friendly design combined with advanced technology, it is suited perfectly to solar energy needs.

Are Growatt inverters suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Growatt offers an extensive selection of dependable and effective inverters that can be used in both residential and commercial settings. With their advanced monitoring, control capabilities and a wide range of power options, these devices are simple to install as well as maintain. They provide great value for money, ensuring that consumers get the most out of their energy needs. No matter what your application may be – Growatt Inverters has got you covered!

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