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Fronius inverters vs Growatt inverters

Fronius is a premium inverter brand that everyone has heard of in Australia. It is so popular that everyone knows someone who has a Fronius installed in their home. It is one of the few inverter brands that are most synonymous with superior quality as is SMA inverters, because of reigning in the solar industry for the longest time. And all this comes at a price.

This does not imply that other inverters on the market are not credible. With growing competition in the solar industry, there are now many solar companies that offer excellent quality components with advanced technology that offer stellar performance at lower prices.

While Fronius is certainly the top player in the industry with three decades of experience and expertise, Growatt is the second-fastest-growing Chinese inverter manufacturer only behind the solar inverter giant Huawei. There are online Growatt inverter reviews and Fronius inverter reviews from other Australians that talk about how they are faring after installation.

Let us compare Fronius inverters with one of the top global Chinese brands of Growatt inverters today.

 Comparison between Fronius inverters and Growatt inverters

1) Background

Fronius is an Austrian solar inverter brand that began as a battery recharge and repair shop. In the early 1990s, it began research in the solar power sector and has been offering exceptional quality and high-performing PV solar inverters for the last thirty years.

Growatt was established in the year 2010 and in a period of only ten years became one of the largest exporters of solar inverters all over the world. The company owes its monumental growth and expansion to its dedication to research and development for constantly innovating smart energy solutions toward a green future. Its inverters have already been applied in more than 150 countries.

2) Manufacturing Country

Fronius inverters are made in Europe with high-quality standards and people easily trust them.

Growatt inverters are made in China with stringent testing procedures to deliver excellent quality and performance.

Chinese manufactured products have faced the stigma of being inferior in quality for the longest time but with China offering some highly sophisticated products like the iPad and the MacBook the stigmas make sense no more. China not only manufactures some great quality solar products but also offers them at lower prices due to cheaper labor costs in the country.

3) Prices

Fronius sells at higher prices for the great trust and security that its customers get from its products. Not to mention that its inverters offer the highest quality and dependability which makes it the industry ruler for the last 30 years.

Growatt is relatively fresher, however, rapidly expanding due to its innovation and affordable prices. It is already named among the most dominant solar inverter companies.

If you are on a budget but are looking for a reliable high-quality inverter, Growatt is an excellent choice. If price is not your priority, pick Fronius.

4) Performance

Fronius inverters offer an efficiency of 97.8%. Their inverters have a sophisticated design and installers love them as they are easy to install. Their wi-fi app is easy to understand and use. Fronius inverters have an integrated DC isolator and are extremely safe and reliable. The company offers great after-sales service and technical support from its Australian office in Victoria.

Growatt inverters offer an efficiency of 98.4%. They also come with a built-in DC isolator and have easy installation. The company offers free online customer service and support.

No clear winner here as both companies offer a similar efficiency rating of about 98%.

5) Warranty

Growatt offers a warranty of 5 to 10 years across its range of inverters.

All Fronius inverters come with a standard warranty of 10 years.

Fronius inverters have an edge in offering better warranties.

Both companies are renowned to honor their warranties, however, you can go through online Growatt inverter reviews and Fronius inverter reviews to find if the companies are trustworthy to service their warranties.


Both Growatt and Fronius inverters are secure solar inverter solutions. They offer good service and reliable performance. If you are not on a budget go for Fronius as its warranty is better. Growatt offers superior inverters at lower prices and is also a safe option.

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