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Fronius Completes 30 years in Business

Fronius has just completed 30 years of business since its inception. This Austrian brand is one of the most highly regarded in the solar world because of their service, quality and after installation reliability. Any solar brand’s physical local presence provides a sense of security to potential customers who consider the availability of local support and a physical office representing the brand a helpful service if support is required or a warranty claim needs to be made. Fronius opened its Australian office in Melbourne in late 2010. The Fronius inverter is one of the most highly regarded in the solar world and is considered the world’s leading string solar inverter manufacturer because of their reliability. All Fronius solar inverters are engineered, designed and manufactured in Austria.

According to Fronius International GmbH’s Martin Hackl, it is the High quality, practiced sustainability, and strong partnerships which has made them what they are. “We look back proudly on the past 30 years and look toward the future with equal optimism.”

When picking out the right system for your residential solar installation, it is important to keep in mind that a quality solar inverter is a necessity to ensure the proper functioning of your solar power system and a lasting return on your solar investment. One of the most reputable inverter brands currently in the Australian market is the European solar inverter brand – Fronius.

Fronius was founded in 1945 by Günter Fronius as a battery and welding device manufacturer, this Austrian company soon began to take the lead of the solar inverter industry after 1992. From the suitable utilization of multiple MPPTs to better efficiency, active cooling system, integrated DC isolator, surplus warranty, and good customer service has now yielded this inverter brand a reputable position in the solar industry.

The Fronius inverter has an integrated DC isolator-based snap-in-design (snapINverter), which is very easy to mount on the wall like a car boot and can be operated or maintained without detaching it from the wall.

Every Fronius inverter has a presence of at least 2 MPPTs which causes the efficiency of this solar inverter to reach up to 99.9%, even though the average efficiency tends to retain between 97.8% and 98.3%. In addition to an impressive efficiency offered by the Fronius inverter, this solar inverter brand also offers an extremely reliable warranty. All inverter models offered by Fronius come with a 5-year warranty with an option to extend the warranty for 5 more years simply by registering with them online.

In case of any faults or defects with the inverter, Fronius requests an inspection through an accredited installer and if there are any defects or faults found, then the installer, along with Fronius, will work together to help replace the faulty inverter. Fronius also offers local customer support to all their customers in Australia.  In regards to complaints, compliance, and faulty issues, the representative team in the local region first gets in touch with the customer. Fronius has their local presence in Australia with their office located in Tullamarine, Victoria. The customer support offered by Fronius is highly reliable and effective to help resolve any issues or complaints.

The Fronius Solar inverter comes with an in-built monitoring feature to help you analyse your solar production. With the help of an integrated Wi-Fi and smartphone app, you can monitor your sophisticated inverter system that consists of SnapInverter with integrated data logger, solar web, and Smart meter. It gathers and transmits information, such as energy output and your energy consumption to Solar.web portal via a router, which displays the processed and analysed information on your smartphone app for easy access.

Fronius has recently made innovations in the field of battery storage with the introduction of Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter. This inverter model is one of the most pioneering examples for efficient solar battery storage. This inverter can supply energy to your home by receiving inputs from both battery and solar array (whichever source is readily available) simultaneously. This battery is made of lithium-iron-phosphate with a storage capacity of 3.6 to 9.6kWh. This battery can have 8000 charging cycles with up to 6.4kWH discharging and charging power. You can also add more batteries by adding 1.5kWh modules at any time to increase the storage capacity.

Don’t let the higher price of the Fronius inverter discourage you from considering this brand. Instead, consider the guaranteed return on investment this solar inverter is sure to provide for years to come with excellent performance.  Fronius is considered as one of the best solar inverters in Australia and is sure to give quality solar production for years to come and make up for the higher investment through the savings it will help you make.

The company’s products continue to be well received in Australia, with Fronius inverter reviews from Australian owners here on SolarQuotes averaging 4.8 stars overall at the time of publishing, 4.8 stars over the last 6 months and 4.9 stars over 12 months.

Contact Austra Solar today for a free quote on a solar power system with this impressive solar inverter brand and begin your transition towards renewable power!

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