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Benefits of getting a solar-powered system in Perth

Getting a solar powered system installed has never been more affordable and lucrative than it is now. With the help of government incentives with rebates and the added benefits of Feed in tariffs, installing a solar powered system in Perth has numerous benefits for all those residing in West Australia. It is time to take advantage of all the sunshine that Perth gets and use this renewable energy source to power your own homes! Here are some benefits of installing a solar powered system in Perth with the best deals from Austra Solar today –

1. An abundant supply of energy that is renewable and clean

Perth is considered to be one of the sunniest cities in Australia, with a total of 265 sunny and partly-sunny days annually. Even during the winter months, the average temperatures in Perth rarely drop below 10 degrees which guarantees that your solar panels will stay busy throughout 70% of the year providing you with a clean and green source of renewable energy to power your home.

2. Combat the rising price of electricity in West Australia by installing a solar powered system and becoming independent from relying on the grid with Austra Solar today.

There has been a steady increase in electricity costs in Western Australia since 2009. Each year the price of electricity has noticeably gone higher and with the monopoly of western power as the only electricity provider, the population is left with no choice but to comply with the rising prices. Electricity generated with the use of fossil fuels will only continue to get more expensive over the years and continue to increase the amount you are liable to pay on your electricity bills. This is one of the crucial reasons why installing solar panels in Perth, West Australia is a very smart investment and will end up saving you a lot of money in the long-term. By installing a solar powered system in Perth, West Australia, you can get a very lucrative return on your investment with all the savings you make.

3. Government incentives in the form of rebates on the original prices for a solar powered system.

The government encourages the Australian population to move towards this green energy source by offering significant “discounts” on the systems in the form of rebates. When you install a solar powered system for your home in Perth, West Australia, you generate rebates called Small Technology Certificates which can be used as a form of currency and can be traded and sold in a similar way to shares. Just like the stock market, their value can rise or fall depending on the market. The amount of STCs you get from your solar panel installation depends certain factors like –

  • The amount of electricity your solar panels can produce,
  • The date of installation
  • The geographic location.

It is important to note that getting the maximum use of this benefit can be a bit tricky as buying and selling STCs is often difficult to understand. Therefore, it has now become extremely common for solar buyers to simply allow the installer to have control of them and in return the customer is provided with an upfront discount on the installation.

To get a better understanding of this kind of transaction, you can get in touch with our solar experts at Austra Solar. At Austra Solar, we give you the maximum available value for the government rebates, and this results in you having the most profitable discount on the installation of your solar powered system. Contact Austra Solar today to help guide you in buying the right system for your home with the best deals.

4. Save huge on your bills by relying less on the grid for your elecricity

The biggest benefit of installing a solar powered system in Perth, West Australia is that you can be self-reliant and use the electricity produced by your solar panels rather than continuing to buy units from your electricity retailer all the time. This will allow you to pay back the cost of installing your solar panels and will end up giving you more money in the long term, thus giving you a great return on your investment.

5. Benefit from the Feed in tariff incentive

In Western Australia, The Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme gives you a credit for all the extra power your solar powered system generates and you end up not using for your own consumption. This is a great incentive and helps in paying back for the cost of installing the solar powered system in Perth, West Australia.

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