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Are Sofar Solar Inverters the best choice? Let’s take a look

In the ever-evolving renewable energy landscape, SOFAR stands as a leader in the field of solar inverters in Australia. For several compelling reasons, SOFAR solar inverters stand out as one of the best choices in the solar energy sector. 

SOFAR inverters are the high-tech brains of your solar panel setup. They take sunlight and convert it into electricity efficiently. What’s impressive is that these inverters come with advanced features that maximize the power you get from your solar panels. This ensures you get the most value out of your investment in solar energy.

For residential, commercial, or industrial use, SOFAR inverters have emerged as a preferred choice in the Australian solar market. Furthermore, the robust design of SOFAR inverters guarantees durability and enhances their performance under diverse environmental conditions, making them reliable for long-term use. 

This comprehensive review will teach you more about SOFAR solar inverters, highlighting their key features, design intricacies, functionality, efficiency metrics, monitoring capabilities, and more.

SOFAR Inverters Technical Features

SOFAR offers different inverter models like string inverters, hybrid inverters, microinverters to suit different solar power systems. 

Some of the key features of SOFAR inverters include,

  1. Power Ratings and Efficiency: Power ratings of these inverters range from 3 kW to 12 kW, achieving a maximum efficiency of up to 98.4% for optimal power conversion and enhanced energy harvest from solar panels.
  2. MPPT Tracking: These inverters utilize Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to continuously track and adjust the maximum power output of solar panels.
  3. Monitoring and Control Capabilities: Sofar offers comprehensive monitoring and control solutions for real-time data access, energy production tracking, and prompt detection of issues or faults.
  4. User-Friendly Interface & Connectivity: These inverters have a large 4-inch LCD, providing a straightforward and user-friendly interface for monitoring and system configuration. Also, it supports smart monitoring systems with various connectivity options, including RS485, WiFi, Ethernet, and optional GPRS.
  5. Efficiency & Input Voltage Range: These inverters deliver up to 98.4% conversion efficiency, maximizing energy harvest from solar panels for efficient operation. With a 600 V input voltage, SOFAR inverters offer design flexibility and compatibility with various solar panel configurations.
  6. Safety Features and Certifications: These inverters hold relevant certifications such as UL and CE, demonstrating compliance with international safety and quality standards ensuring user confidence in solar system reliability and safety.

Overview of SOFAR Inverters Product Lines

1. Residential Inverters

A. SOFAR 1100-3300TL-G3

With a single maximum power point tracking (MPPT),  SOFAR 1100-3300TL-G3 efficiently manages input for optimal energy production, boasting a remarkable efficiency of 97.7%. Its lightweight and IP65-rated design allows for easy outdoor installation, providing durability and protection.

Equipped with RS485 communication and a built-in zero export function, it supports effective data monitoring and grid compliance. The inverter’s 140% DC overload capacity enhances reliability, and optional WiFi or Ethernet connectivity adds flexibility for real-time data access.


The SOFAR 3K-6KTLM-G3 is a high-efficiency single-phase solar inverter for residential and small commercial solar installations. With dual MPPT capability, it optimizes energy harvest, achieving a remarkable maximum efficiency of 98.4%. Its versatility is evident in its compatibility with bifacial modules and a low start-up voltage.

The compact, lightweight design enhances installation flexibility, and its natural cooling system reduces energy consumption and noise. Equipped with a built-in zero export function, RS485, Bluetooth, and optional WiFi or Ethernet integration, it ensures compliance with grid regulations and offers efficient data monitoring and control.


The SOFAR 7K-10.5KTLM-G3 is an advanced single-phase solar inverter designed for solar power systems, featuring three MPPT capabilities to efficiently optimize energy harvesting with up to 20A of input MPPT current. Integrating smart I-V scanning technology enhances fault detection precision, ensuring the system’s reliability.

With an impressive maximum efficiency of up to 98.1%, this inverter minimizes losses, maximizing overall solar power system performance. Notable features include a low starting voltage for power generation under less-than-optimal conditions and a wide operating voltage range for adaptability to varying environmental factors.

FeatureSOFAR 1100-3300TL-G3SOFAR 3K-6KTLM-G3SOFAR 7K-10.5KTLM-G3
Maximum Efficiency97.70%98.40%98.10%
Cooling SystemNatural cooling system (fanless)Natural cooling system (fanless)Natural cooling system (fanless)
Start-up VoltageLow start-up voltageLow starting voltageLow starting voltage
CommunicationRS485RS485, BluetoothSmart I-V scanning technology
Zero Export FunctionYesYesYes
Connectivity OptionsOptional WiFi or EthernetOptional WiFi or EthernetOptional WiFi or Ethernet
InstallationLightweight, IP65-rated for outdoor useCompact and lightweight designCompact and lightweight design

2. Commercial & Industrial Inverters

A. SOFAR 100K-125KTLX-G4

The SOFAR 100K-125KTLX-G4 is an advanced three-phase inverter designed for large-scale solar installations, boasting 10 MPPT inputs and a maximum input MPPT current of 40A for efficient management of solar panel inputs.

With an impressive maximum efficiency of up to 98.6%, it converts solar energy to electricity with minimal losses, contributing to overall system productivity. The inverter’s IP66 design ensures suitability for outdoor installation, providing robust protection against environmental factors.


The SOFAR 60K-80KTLX-G3, designed for large-scale solar projects, boasts six MPPT inputs and a 40A maximum MPPT current to manage multiple solar panels efficiently. Supporting a 2.0+ DC/AC ratio offers flexibility in handling diverse solar array configurations, enhancing overall efficiency. 

Compatible with high-power bifacial modules (600W and above), the inverter maximizes the potential of advanced bifacial solar technologies. With a peak efficiency of 98.7%, smart I-V curve scanning for fault detection, and safety anti-reflow functionality, it is a reliable choice for optimizing energy output in complex solar setups.


The SOFAR 25K-50KTLX-G3 is an advanced three-phase inverter designed for larger-scale solar installations. With compatibility for high-power bifacial modules and a maximum efficiency of up to 98.6%, it ensures optimal energy conversion and high system performance.

Handling 6 to 8 DC inputs and up to 40A of MPPT current, this inverter is well-equipped for efficient energy production. Its adaptability to various environmental conditions, robust design with overload capacities, and suitability for larger solar arrays make it a reliable choice for large-scale three-phase solar installations where efficiency and durability are crucial.

Maximum Efficiency98.60%98.70%98.60%
MPPT10 MPPT inputs6 MPPT inputs6-8 MPPT inputs
Input MPPT CurrentUp to 40AUp to 40A per MPPTUp to 40A per MPPT
Start-up VoltageLow starting voltageLow starting voltageLow starting voltage
Surge ProtectionType II SPDs for DC and AC sidesType II SPDs for DC and AC sidesType II SPDs for DC and AC sides
RedundancyAC/DC dual power supply redundant designAC/DC dual power supply redundant designAC/DC dual power supply redundant design
Connectivity OptionsExternal WiFiExternal WiFiExternal WiFi
CompatibilityOutdoor installation, IP66 designOutdoor installation, IP66 designOutdoor installation, IP66 design

3. Utility Inverters


The SOFAR 350KTLX0 is a high-capacity three-phase inverter for large-scale solar installations, featuring eight MPPT inputs and a maximum efficiency of up to 99.05%. With a maximum input MPPT current of 60A, it efficiently manages multiple solar panels, ensuring optimal energy production in diverse conditions.

It is compatible with 500Wp+ modules and supports high-current input for advanced and high-power solar technologies. The inverter’s prolonged AC overload capacity at 110% enhances stability and reliability under stress conditions.


The SOFAR 255KTL-HV is a high-voltage three-phase inverter designed for large-scale solar installations, featuring 12 MPPT inputs and a maximum efficiency of up to 99.02%. Its IP66 and C5 protection design ensures suitability for outdoor installation, providing robust protection against environmental elements.

An AC/DC dual power supply redundant design and 24-hour status monitoring ensure continuous and reliable operation for efficient system management. The I-V curve scanning function enhances fault detection precision, improving overall reliability and performance.

Maximum Efficiency99.05%99.02%
MPPT8 MPPT inputs12 MPPT inputs
Input MPPT CurrentUp to 60AUp to 30A per MPPT
Protection DesignIP66 and C5 protection designIP66 and C5 protection design
String Breaking ProtectionIntelligent string breaking protectionIntelligent string breaking protection
I-V Curve Scanning FunctionYesYes
RedundancyAC/DC dual power supply redundant designAC/DC dual power supply redundant design
24-hour Status MonitoringYesYes
ApplicationsLarge-scale solar projectsLarge-scale solar projects

Comparison Between SOFAR vs Goodwe vs Growatt vs Solis

EfficiencyHigh (>97%)Good (97-98%)High (>97%)Good (>98%)
FeaturesAdvanced (e.g., dual MPPT, monitoring)Multiple MPPT, WiFiFeatures like dual MPPTLCD display, protection
ReliabilityGenerally reliableReliableGenerally reliableReliable
InstallationUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendlyEase of installation
MonitoringAdvanced monitoring optionsCompatible with platformsCompatibility with systemsMonitoring capabilities
Warranty10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years
Build QualitySolid constructionRobust buildVaries by modelDurable design

Pros of SOFAR Inverters

  1. SOFAR inverters are known for their high efficiency, contributing to optimal energy conversion in solar power systems.
  2. They often come equipped with advanced features such as dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which enhances the overall performance of the solar PV system.
  3. SOFAR inverters are designed to be compatible with various grid systems, ensuring seamless integration with existing electrical infrastructure.

Cons of SOFAR Inverters

  1. Relative to some competitors, SOFAR inverters may be perceived as having a higher initial cost, which could impact the overall budget for a solar power system.
  2. While this can be subjective, some users might find the user interface or user experience of SOFAR inverters less intuitive compared to other brands.

Honest Customer Reviews and Installations by Austra Solar Power

Rhianna Naylor – Caringbah, NSW 2229
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System Size: 10.2 kW Review: “I couldn’t be happier with my solar installation from Austra Solar. The team was professional, efficient, and answered all my questions. My 10.2 kW system has significantly reduced my electricity bills, and I’m thrilled to contribute to a greener planet. Highly recommend!”
Mates Group Removals Pty Ltd – Bonnyrigg, NSW 2177
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System Size: 6.6 kW Review: “Austra Solar provided an exceptional service from start to finish. Our 6.6 kW system was installed seamlessly, and we’ve seen a substantial decrease in our energy costs. It’s great to support our environmental goals as a business. Fantastic work!”
Bernadette Pasaporte Ponce – Padstow, NSW 2211
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System Size: 6.6 kW Inverter: Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Co Ltd 5kW (1 Phase) Review: “The Austra Solar team outdid themselves with our solar panel installation. The quality of the Sofar inverter and the efficiency of the system have exceeded our expectations. Our energy bills have dropped significantly. A great investment!”
Dennis Fielding – Bargara, QLD 4670
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System Size: 6.6kW Inverter: Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Co Ltd 5kW Review: “From the initial consultation to the final installation, Austra Solar was nothing but professional. Our 6.6 kW system with a Sofar inverter works flawlessly, providing us with great savings. A top-notch service!”
Kisan Gurung – Seven Hills, NSW 2147
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System Size: 10.56 kW Inverter: Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Co Ltd 8kW (1 Phase) Review: “Austra Solar made the process of getting solar panels incredibly easy. The team was knowledgeable and friendly, and the performance of our 10.56 kW system has been impressive. We’re seeing the benefits in our energy bills, and it feels good to be eco-friendly.”
Avi Avneet SINGH – Edmondson Park, NSW 2174
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System Size: 13.2 kW Inverter: Shenzhen SOFARSOLAR Co Ltd 10 kW Review: “Choosing Austra Solar for our 13.2 kW solar installation was the best decision. The efficiency and reliability of the Sofar inverter are remarkable. Our electricity costs have plummeted, and the service provided by Austra Solar was superb throughout.”

Frequently Asked Questions About SOFAR Inverters

Answer: SOFAR inverters are known for their reliability and undergo rigorous quality control processes.

Answer: SOFAR offers single-phase and three-phase inverters for residential and commercial projects. Hybrid inverters are also available for systems with battery storage.

Answer: Yes, SOFAR inverters are suitable for both grid-tied and off-grid solar systems.

Answer: SOFAR inverters are designed for easy installation, though professional assistance is recommended.

Answer: Yes, SOFAR inverters have built-in WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring via the SOFAR Solar app or web portal.

Answer: SOFAR inverters typically come with a 10-year warranty.

Answer: Yes, SOFAR has specifically designed models for residential installations.

Answer: Yes, SOFAR offers Three-Phase Solar Inverters suitable for industrial projects.

Answer: Yes, SOFAR inverters are often compatible with battery storage systems.

Awards and certifications received by SOFAR inverters

  1. SOFAR Solar is recognized globally as one of the top 5 hybrid inverter manufacturers, showcasing its leadership in integrating solar and storage technologies.
  2. SOFAR Solar has earned a position among China’s top string inverter manufacturers, as EUPD RESEARCH acknowledged.
  3. The company has received the prestigious “Top Brand PV Award” from EUPD RESEARCH, highlighting its commitment to excellence in the photovoltaic sector.
  4. EQ International has awarded SOFAR Solar the title “Inverter Company of the Year,” a testament to its outstanding contributions and performance in the field.

Warranty and customer support of SOFAR inverters

SOFAR offers a 10 year warranty period for their inverters, and this duration may vary. The warranty often covers manufacturing defects and may provide options for repair or replacement. 

SOFAR aims to provide good customer support for their products. Customer support services include technical assistance, troubleshooting guidance, and information on warranty-related matters. If users have inquiries or require support, they can typically reach SOFAR’s customer support through their official website, customer service hotline, or authorized distributors or installers in your region.

User-Friendliness and Installation

SOFAR inverters are designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering features that facilitate ease of use and installation. SOFAR inverters are generally designed for straightforward installation. However, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure proper setup and connectivity.

SOFAR provides compact and efficient inverter models suitable for residential use, incorporating safety measures required for home installations. The inverters often come equipped with monitoring options, including built-in WiFi connectivity.

This allows users to remotely monitor real-time data through the SOFAR Solar mobile app or web portal. SOFAR inverters can be expanded, offering compatibility and solutions for system expansion as energy needs grow.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

SOFAR demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. SOFAR has been honored with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, recognizing its environmentally friendly solutions. Additionally, they have obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification, reflecting their commitment to environmental management.

SOFAR inverters play a crucial role in solar energy systems by efficiently converting DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity. This process contributes to harnessing clean and renewable energy.

SOFAR hybrid inverters are compatible with battery storage systems. This capability enables the storage of excess solar energy, promoting self-consumption and reducing reliance on the grid. The ISO 9001:2015 accreditation attests to SOFAR’s commitment to quality management procedures, reinforcing its dedication to producing reliable and high-quality inverters.


As the renewable energy landscape continues to evolve, SOFAR remains a contender worth considering for those prioritizing sustainability and seeking reliable, high-performance solar inverters for their projects. SOFAR solar inverters have become preferred among those seeking environmentally conscious renewable energy solutions. 

The overwhelmingly positive customer feedback emphasizes the brand’s commitment to top-notch quality and applauds its exceptional customer support, further solidifying its reputation for excellence. 

A notable aspect of SOFAR’s appeal is its dedication to sustainability, exemplified by its conscientious choice of materials to minimize the carbon footprint associated with its products. This commitment aligns with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices within the renewable energy sector.

For those considering the three-phase solar inverter, SOFAR’s offerings are recommended based on their track record of reliability and advanced features. In the Australian market, SOFAR’s single-phase solar inverters have gained prominence in facilitating eco-friendly electricity solutions.

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