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Are Sofar inverters reliable?

Sofar Solar produces some of the most efficient and affordable PV inverters on the solar market. It is esteemed as one of the biggest solar inverter manufacturers from China which exports extremely high-quality and dependable inverters to many countries over the world.

The inverter is responsible for transforming DC energy into AC electricity and an efficient inverter means more power generation from your system and more value for money. Therefore, investing in the right inverter is essential to optimize your solar system and maximize your return on investment.

Sofar is new but is rising as one of the champions in the solar game. Its excellent reputation is based on its stellar product quality, service, and warranty. Sofar prioritizes delivering inverters with an excellent quality performance at affordable prices. The company’s motto is “creating clean energy and leading a green life.”

At present, Sofar Solar ranks among the top five string solar inverter manufacturers in China. The parent company was founded in 2007, while Sofar Solar was born in 2012 with a vision for the research, development, and manufacturing of solar PV inverters. Sofar is an expert in the production of grid-connected inverters of 1 to 7.5kW for home solar systems and 10 to 70kW for commercial solar systems.

Since its establishment, the company has taken enormous growth in its production capacity. It has also expanded in size and has a global presence in more than 60 countries. Its research and development crew constantly works to innovate and integrate the most advanced technology into its inverter products.

 Why Sofar?

Sofar inverters are highly recommended for their efficient performance, sleek design, robust frame, cost-effectiveness, and ample warranty. Sofar inverter reviews from existing users often mention how they are delighted with their reliable performance at a much lower price than most other string inverters on the market.  

Are Sofar inverters efficient?

Sofar inverters have an excellent efficiency rating of 98.7%. Considering their price, Sofar inverters offer some of the best efficiency rates among the competition.

Do Sofar inverters deliver savings?

Yes indeed. When rightly matched with solar panels to create the best system size suited to your energy needs, these solar inverters will shrink your energy bills to a great extent. Big monetary savings can be extracted from a solar system throughout its lifespan of more than 20 years.

Are Sofar inverters aesthetically appealing?

Sofar inverters are admired for their sleek, conservative, and sturdy looks. Their modest and sophisticated design includes a strong frame, a diamond screen of four inches, and a simple interface. It can elegantly sit on any property and always look stylish.

Are Sofar inverters fit for installation in Australia?

Certainly. Sofar inverters are suitable for Australian conditions. Some of Sofar’s inverters are especially popular in Australia due to their robustness and dependability.

How does Sofar match its competition?

There are long-standing industry biggies like SMA and Fronius inverters that will outplay Sofar in many ways. But with the price at which Sofar offers excellent performance and quality, Sofar measures up against most of its competitors.

Does Sofar offer ample warranty?

Sofar provides a standard 10-year warranty across all its inverters. However, you can extend this warranty up to 25 years at an extra cost within the first year of purchase. It is advisable to buy a warranty extension to protect your investment. Sofar is well known to honor its warranties.


Sofar Solar is one of the superior PV inverter manufacturers for its exceptional quality, economical pricing, and appealing minimalist design. While there are other inverter brands on the market that can brag about better performance, Sofar stands strong being a balanced package of cost, quality, and design.

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