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Are Risen solar panels a good choice for my home?

Risen solar panels are reliable and tough to last long in harsh Australian conditions. Many homeowners prefer Risen solar panels for their efficient performance, especially in shaded conditions. Risen offers a variety of solar panels to choose from for different applications. The Risen Jager series solar panels are very popular in Australia as they feature advanced solar technology and are yet affordable. Risen is known to produce high-quality solar modules that offer consistent, efficient performance.  If you are considering Risen solar panels for your solar project, you won’t be disappointed. Let us see why.

Risen solar panels

Company background

Risen Energy is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer which was established in 1986. The company has a massive supply in many countries worldwide. Risen has offices in Europe, India, the USA, Mexico, Japan, and Australia to name a few countries. Risen Energy began supplying modules in Australia back in 2008. Australians trust and prefer affordable Risen solar panels for both commercial and residential solar projects.

Australian Presence

Having a local office for customer support is critical with such high-cost electronics like solar panels. It provides a sense of confidence in the brand to know that help is at hand if need be. Risen Energy has an Australian office in Melbourne, Victoria to help customers with any issues with the panels and warranties.


Risen solar panels offer high efficiency and reliable performance even in difficult conditions. Owing to rigorous research and strict quality standards, Risen solar panels are developed to offer consistently high output over the years. The Tier 1 company offers up to 21% conversion efficiency on its panels. The Risen Titan series solar panels being highly efficient panels can be applied to projects where roof space is scanty as fewer panels will need to be installed.


Risen solar technology utilized in its panels operates with low current density to have minimal power losses and hence offers maximum power output. Risen’s dedication to research is responsible for producing high-performing solar panels which give years of high energy output at an affordable price.


Risen offers 15 to 25 years of product warranty across its panels. The industry average in warranty, however, has gone up with SunPower Maxeon panels offering a 40-year product warranty. Risen offers a 15-year warranty on the Jager series which might not look impressive anymore. However, the Risen Titan series solar panels come with a strong 25-year product warranty which is quite good, to be honest.


Risen solar panels are high-performing, efficient, and reliable solar panels with strong tier-1 manufacturing. Due to production in China, Risen solar panels are supplied in Australia at affordable prices. These high-quality panels are a common choice for home and business owners for their affordability.


If your roof has less space or gets shade during the day, Risen solar panels can suit your situation perfectly. They will provide flawless performance and generate high yields consistently for decades. Risen solar panel specifications are a perfect match for most solar projects, residential and commercial. They are being applied all over Australia for the last 14 years and are trusted to offer efficient solar results in harsh climatic conditions. When looking for high-quality construction and trustworthy performance at an affordable price, you cannot go wrong with Risen solar panels.

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