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Are Jinko Tiger Series Panels Reliable?

Jinko Solar is a colossal Chinese solar panel manufacturing company that produces high-quality, cost-efficient domestic and commercial solar modules.

Their new Tiger series panels which are based on high-performance N-type cell technology are already breaking records in solar cell efficiency.

The power rating of Jinko solar panels ranges between 350W to 620W which have high-efficiency rates between 19.9% and 22.3%.

Jinko’s popularity also lies in providing low to mid-price range panels that work on the latest high-performance technologies of P-type silicon, N-type silicon, and TOPCon.

Their most popular panels so far have been the Tiger Pro 415W. Their product warranties on different panels range from 12, 15 to 20 years. Jinko is known for great support and service too. Their products are highly recommended by most installers as one of the best solar panels in Australia.

Jinko Solar began in China in 2006 and rose to become the hugest multinational solar manufacturer in only a decade’s time. Through continual research and development, rigorous testing for build and performance, and stringent quality controls, Jinko Solar achieves its position holding the top rank in the solar industry for the past six years.

 The Jinko Solar Panels Range

1) Cheetah

The Jinko Cheetah series was first released in 2018 in a range of different panel sizes from 325W to 340W both in standard 60-cell and half-cut 120-cell designs for home solar, and the 410W size for commercial solar.

Jinko Cheetah was the bestselling solar panel in Australia in 2020. They are good quality and cost-efficient solar panels in the budget range.

2) Tiger

The Jinko Tiger series are higher performance panels ranging from sizes 370W to 470W. Jinko uses the TR (Tilling Ribbon) technique to manufacture these more compact panels by slightly overlapping the cells to reduce cell gaps which increases the total panel surface area resulting in an increase in the efficiency of the panel. A pressing technique is used to join the thin wire busbars together. This lessens the costs and removes the need for soldering which creates high performance, efficiency, and dependability.

The Tiger series is based on the N-type cell technology. The TR, high-density cell technology, and 9BB (busbars) technologies are integrated into these panels to achieve high-performance efficiency.

The product warranty on these panels is 20 years and the performance warranty is 30 years. The Tiger series are usually described as compact, mid to high-efficiency panels.

3) Tiger Pro

In 2020, Jinko came up with a new innovation after their Tiger series, the Tiger Pro panels which broke records with an energy rating of up to 580W. The Tiger Pro panels now come in a wide variety of sizes for all kinds of installations from 400W to 550W. Their 9MBB cell design with an N-type silicon cell base accomplishes a 21.6% efficiency.

Tiger Pro are large, medium to high-efficiency panels, and their 415W size has been the most popular panel.

4) Tiger Neo

The Tiger Neo series panels are Jinko’s newest innovation built on high-performance TOPCon technology. TOPCon cells are constructed using a high-purity N-type cell base. They are gaining prominence as the new norm in the solar industry for the increased efficiency they offer when compared to monocrystalline PERC cells which are based on the P-type substrate.

The Jinko Neo series ranges from 460W to 620W panels. Their maximum efficiency is an amazing 22.3%.

The TOPCon cell technology features:

  1.  bifacial performance (power generation from both sides of the panel).
  2.  minimal degradation of performance.
  3.  minimal power losses at higher temperatures due to a lower temperature coefficient.

The Jinko Neo panels offer a 30-year warranty. They are high-performance panels for homes, businesses, and utility-scale solar systems.


Jinko Solar, one of the best solar panels in Australia, has entered the high-performance segment with its Tiger series which is built on high-purity N-type silicon. Most premium brands have been supplying N-type cell-based panels for many years. But budget brands like Trina and Jinko are now manufacturing lower-cost N-type cell panels with high-efficiency ratings and are highly successful in the Australian market.

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