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Are Jinko Solar panels worth it?

Are you also wondering why more people in Australia are installing Jinko solar panels over cream panel brands like Q-Cells, SunPower, or REC? Whether or not they are worth it for real? Let us discuss in this article, why Jinko panels are being so hyped these days.

A solar installation entails a high cost, therefore, doing proper research on the equipment brands available in the market that match your budget and your energy goals is imperative. While good quality should always be a top priority, there are some other factors too that influence your final choice.

When investing in solar, your chief objective is savings. So, choosing to install a panel system that is too expensive for your power needs will affect your payback and returns on investment. Therefore, the right solar panels for your situation should be a balanced combination of various things. Let us weigh Jinko solar panels on some vital points.

What makes Jinko solar panels a good choice?

1) Background

Chinese solar panel manufacturer Jinko Solar was established in 2006. In only 10 years it became the biggest solar manufacturer in the world. Jinko’s ceaseless work in the solar research field and its strict testing for quality and efficient performance situate it among the top solar companies around the globe.

2) Price

Jinko solar panels are known for their modest pricing. Its diligent research team is committed to providing some great solar panels at low prices. Other solar panel brands on the market charge way more prices for the same specifications that Jinko solar panels offer at much cheaper costs. With handsome Australia solar rebates reducing the costs even further, you pay little for a Jinko solar panel installation.

3) Payback Period

Jinko solar panels are not only cost-efficient but also high-performing solar panels. This means they produce more energy, and thus, more savings. The higher your savings, the shorter your solar payback period. So, one key benefit of installing Jinko solar panels over other expensive high-end brands is that these panels will pay off faster.

4) Performance

Jinko has received numerous awards for its excellent solar products. There are only a few other panel brands that can knock Jinko in performance. The linear performance guarantees it offers on its panels, range from 25 to 30 years which indicates the company’s faith in its modules’ performance.

5) Warranties

Jinko solar panels come with product warranties of 12, 15, and 20 years for different panels. Jinko N-Type Tiger Series solar panels come with a 20-year product warranty.

The performance warranty it offers is between 25 to 30 years for different panels.

In light of the price you pay for Jinko solar panels, you receive some of the best warranties in the industry compared to other panels in the same price segment.

6) Efficiency

A conversion efficiency of more than 15% is considered good for optimum solar power generation. Jinko Solar has about 22% efficiency rating across its panels. Jinko N-type solar panels achieve maximum efficiency of 26.1% with their TopCon technology. There are brands that offer even more but this efficiency rating can provide a huge amount of savings for the lifespan of the Jinko solar panels.


Jinko solar panels are the most popular due to their affordability. Jinko’s offering of exceptional performance, efficiency, technology, and quality at such low prices is challenging the top-end expensive solar brands in the industry and capturing more hold in the solar market.

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