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Are Growatt inverters any good?

Growatt New Energy was established in 2010 in China. They have a huge facility in China that manufactures solar inverters and supplies all over the world. Growatt has offices in many countries and they operate in Australia from NSW.

While Growatt may not be on the top 10 list of solar inverters in Australia, it has to its credit some outstanding updated entry-level inverters which have good feedback. They are known for excellent warranty servicing and a wide range of domestic and commercial solar inverters, monitoring, and energy storage systems.

The function of a solar inverter is to convert the DC energy from solar panels on your home rooftop to AC electricity for the household’s use.

With so much work to do, the inverter is the most failure-prone component of your solar system. Therefore, investing in one of the best quality inverters in Australia will be a smart choice.

Growatt’s range of inverters

Most solar inverters offered by Growatt are approved by the Clean Energy Council. Growatt offers an array of residential single-phase and three-phase inverters with single and dual MPPTs, and a range of residential and off-grid storage inverters, monitoring devices, and accessories.

In the commercial segment, Growatt offers some excellent high-performance inverter solutions with up to 4 MPPTs and larger commercial and utility-scale inverters with up to 15 MPPTs.

Growatt’s MIN 2500-6000TL-X/XH, 2.5 to 6kW single-phase domestic inverter range with 2 MPPTs, have been their most efficient home solar inverters with efficiency ranging from 98.2 % to 98.4%.


Growatt inverters surpass the industry standards for home inverter efficiency which is typically 95 to 98%. Some Growatt inverters perform at 98.4% efficiency which places the company among the top solar inverter manufacturers in the market.


The cost of a solar inverter contributes only 10 to 20% of the total system cost. Therefore, it is worth investing in a high-quality and high-efficiency inverter as it impacts the performance and productivity of the solar system.


Growatt offers a warranty of 5 years on its inverters with an additional 5-year extended warranty which the customer can get for free by registering on their website.

 This is a good amount of protection considering the lifespan of most inverters is 10 years. Any defect in the inverter during the warranty period is taken care of by the company by either repairing or replacing the product.

Growatt Inverters – Advantages

1) Growatt serves budget-segment buyers by offering some of the most cost-effective solar inverters in the market.

2) Growatt range of inverters provides an efficiency of 97.2% to 98.4%which competes well with other brands in the segment.

Growatt Inverters – Disadvantages

1) Growatt does not issue any financial or sales data about the company. Therefore, it is difficult to assess their economic strength and longevity.

2) Their warranty document is very short and may leave room for doubt for the company to avoid warranty claims.


Growatt is presenting some of the best quality cost-efficient solar inverters in the market. They are keen on servicing their warranty claims duly and this earns them good respect in the industry. Considering their online reviews, it seems most Aussies who have them installed are quite happy with them. Their efficiency ratings make them one of the best choices for home solar inverters in Australia.

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