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Are Fimer ABB inverters reliable?

Fimer ABB inverters – Background

Fimer inverters began as a welding equipment company in 1942 and established its solar energy division in 2007 in northern Italy. It is a solid company, just like Fronius inverters, with long-term experience and expertise. Fimer was earlier, primarily known for manufacturing string inverters for industrial and utility-scale installations and not the average residential-size inverters.

With the continual advancement in solar technology, there are now various types of solar inverters in the market, i.e. string inverters, microinverters, optimizers, and hybrid inverters. However, string inverters, like Fimer ABB inverters, have conventionally been the norm in the solar industry and have been vastly applied in various kinds of solar plants across the world.

Fimer acquired the successful ABB inverter business in 2020 complete with  ABB inverters’ production and research and development facilities and their employees in India, Finland, and Italy. Fimer has announced that it shall produce solar inverters under the ABB inverters’ brand name for some years. Fimer ABB is the fourth-largest solar inverter manufacturer in the world at present. 

Fimer ABB inverters – Efficiency

The standard household inverter conversion efficiency is between 95 to 98 percent. The popular single-phase residential inverter Fimer UNO-DM-PLUS-Q of 5kW capacity offers a conversion efficiency of 97.4% and a weighted European efficiency of 97%. It is always advisable to size your inverter appropriately to maximize power generation from your solar system. CEC-accredited installers have the right knowledge about correctly sizing solar inverters to optimize power generation from the solar plant.

Fimer ABB inverters – Warranty

Single-phase household Fimer ABB inverters in Australia come with a standard 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. And three-phase residential Fimer ABB inverters are offered with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty which can be extended to ten years. The warranty period either begins 6 months after the date of production or, on the date of installation, whatever comes first. Fimer, at the time of taking over the ABB business, had stated that the warranties on the ABB inverters sold before ABB’s acquisition will be duly honored by them.

Fimer ABB inverters – Monitoring

Like most leading solar inverter brands, Fimer ABB inverters have an integral wi-fi monitoring system that connects to an online platform, the Aurora Vision. Adding an energy meter facilitates real-time production and consumption monitoring from a PC or a mobile phone through their app. Fimer has recently launched a new smart energy meter with advanced features and is planning to renovate its application too.

Fimer ABB inverters – Cost

Fimer ABB inverters are superior quality European-made inverters offered at strategic pricing between the high-end Fronius (and SMA) inverters and the premium Sungrow inverters.

Fronius inverters and SMA inverters are known for their top-quality European construction and efficiency and Sungrow inverters are considered the best Chinese-made solar inverters by installers and industry professionals.

Fimer ABB inverters also match the quality and performance standards of some of the best solar brands in the industry. Keeping these comparisons and your budget in mind, you can best decide which inverter suits your situation the best. 

Fimer ABB inverters – Merits

1) European-engineered inverters made in Italy

2) Best in the industry string inverter warranty of 10 years on the single phase residential Fimer ABB inverters

3) Offer above-average maximum efficiency rating

Fimer ABB inverters – Demerit

Fimer ABB inverters offer premium solar inverter solutions at prices that are on the expensive side.


Fimer ABB is a long-standing solar company and has earned the reputation of being faithful when it comes to quality, performance, and service. Fimer ABB offers some outstanding medium-priced CEC-approved residential inverters in Australia. The company is a safe choice that will be around for many years to come to support its warranty.

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