Solar Powered Systems in Aspley, Queensland

As the electricity prices keep rising over the years in Australia, more and more people are turning to solar power to meet their energy needs in an attempt to save on their bills. In Aspley, Queensland, a larger population is keen on getting a solar powered system installed as it has been observed to deliver as an excellent investment. Getting a solar powered system installed in Aspley, Queensland is a solid economic investment and this investment is linked to a commodity- electricity which increases each year by 2-3%.

The government incentive and schemes set in place in Aspley, Queensland encourage the majority of the population to adopt this renewable source of power and at the same time help the environment drastically by reducing the dependency of the Australian population on fossil fuels.

Installing a solar powered system has also proved to increase the property value in Aspley, Queensland which is an additional benefit of getting solar and another reason which proves solar as a smart investment choice. The market research has proved that the real estate in Aspley, Queensland with solar powered systems installed on the roof increases the value of the property. Therefore, solar is an excellent investment in Aspley, Queensland, whether you are staying in the home long-term or need to sell.

Not only is solar a beneficial investment in terms of property value but it also provides many other great benefits which cannot be achieved through any other home improvement. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Proven Return on Investment in the form of reduced energy costs with lowered electricity bills for the life of the home
  • Environmental Return On Investment in the form of reduced carbon emissions
  • Long-lived and durable equipment increases in value over time as costs of traditional energy derived from fossil fuels rise.

Australia has adopted this renewable source of power with more than 21% of homes with rooftop solar PV and as of 30 September 2020 more than 2.56 million rooftop solar powered systems have been installed all across Australia.

Contact Austra Solar today for a free quote and get a solar powered system installed in Aspley, Queensland and start saving on your electricity bills. Install a solar powered system in Aspley, Queensland to generate energy without the aid of fossil fuels and enjoy the being free from relying on the grid for your power supply. You can then add a battery storage too in Aspley, Queensland for a complete solution to further reduce your carbon footprint while making huge savings at the same time.

One of the other great benefits of installing a solar powered system in Aspley, Queensland is that residential and commercial solar systems are considered eligible for incentives by the Australian Government which encourages a larger population in Aspley, Queensland to make this switch to renewable energy. These government incentives are known as Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and are linked to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme.

The value of STCs in Aspley, Queensland works like the stock market in many ways. The STCS fluctuate depending on market factors and are available in every state of Australia. However it is important to note that the number of certificates that can be created per system is based on the following –

  • The geographical location (zone)
  • It also varies with the type, size and model of the system installed.

In commercial solar installations, the incentives increase significantly, as the system sizes are much larger.

STCs are generally applied as a point of sale discount, and these rebates help reducing the up-front cost of going solar, thus encouraging more people to opt for this renewable source of energy. Contact Austra Solar for expert advice and receive all the information you need with a free solar assessment.

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