Residential Services

These grid-tied systems use the sun’s energy to power all the electrical devices in your home. Most of our customers offset between 30% and 100% of their utility bill with solar energy.

Commercial Solutions

Commercial solar energy systems vary much more in size and scope than their residential counterparts. Most commercial solar arrays are much larger, and they aren’t always confined to roofs.

WELCOME TO Austra Solar

Austra is leading the charge in the Australian solar industry. As a preeminent solar company in Australia, Austra is dedicated to empowering homes and businesses with efficient, sustainable energy solutions. Our customers’ solar reviews in Australia consistently highlight our commitment to quality and service, making us one of the top-rated solar companies nationwide.

Quality Solar Panels

Investing in a solar system is surely a big thing – it’s a big investment. The upfront installation cost can be high for common people. But, in the long run, returns matter the most. If you buy the best solar panels, the cost of investment breaks even in 3 to 5 years. But amongst so many types, how do you pick the best solar panels for home use?. If you’ve been wondering the same thing – you’re not alone.

A very professional and reliable supplier of Solar power for the home. Supply and installed 11.1kW solar and running very well with no problems from day 1. Excellent and professional service from Gautam. Austra Solar Power provided the most cost effective solar system. Highly recommended for solar power supplies and installation.
Keng C

Australia Manufacturing

During last year’s state election campaign here in Queensland, I noticed a large billboard posted by the Greens party proclaiming that, if they win the election, they will be investing taxpayers’ money into ‘government-owned’ solar panel manufacturing in Queensland. They proposed 250 MW of annual solar panel manufacturing capacity, which is between 600 000 and 1 000 000 solar panels (subject to the average power output per panel).

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